Pretty Little Liars Photos from "Shadow Play"

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These photos are from Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 19.

Too many sleepless nights and even more pills take a toll on Spencer as her hunt for Ali continues and has her on a collision course with Ezra. Her rattled mind sends her back into the world of 1940s Film Noir in an attempt to come up with answers she can't find in the present.

1. Are You on Drugs?

Are You on Drugs?
Spencer's brain is trying to tell her something, but will she piece it all together?

2. Hello? Who is This?

Hello? Who is This?
Spencer in lounge wear, answers an old style telephone in "Shadow Play."

3. Spencer Looks Troubled

Spencer Looks Troubled
Who is on the other end of the phone? Watch "Shadow Play" to find out.

4. Time for a Cocktail

Time for a Cocktail
A cocktail after a difficult phone call hits the spot for Spencer in "Shadow Play."

5. How Did That Get There?

How Did That Get There?
When Spencer's sleepless nights and drug addled brain get the best of her, she's transported to the 1940s in a Film Noir world in "Shadow Play."

6. Toby Looks Dapper

Toby Looks Dapper
Toby takes well to the 1940s style of dress that he'll be sporting in "Shadow Play"

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