Pretty Little Liars Photos from "She's Come Undone"

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On Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21, Aria tries to come to terms with what she learned about Ezra, but she starts to unwind a bit at the enormity of what lies before her.

The evidence in the photos would be enough to break even the toughest of hearts.

Can her friends come to her aid and help her see things clearly through the mess?

1. Aria Remembers Garrett Reynolds

Aria Remembers Garrett Reynolds
While looking for clues, Aria comes across old newspapers, including one with the headline about Officer Reynold's impending case.

2. Aria Seeks Answers

Aria Seeks Answers
Aria seems determined to find answers in Ezra's possessions. Will she be satisfied with what she finds?

3. Aria with Ravenswood Evidence

Aria with Ravenswood Evidence
Aria has come across more damning evidence, including the poster for the Ravenswood costume ball that sucked up Caleb and a photo of Wilden in uniform.

4. Aria at Wits End

Aria at Wits End
Aria seems to have had too much, as she has trashed the place.

5. What Does Aria See?

What Does Aria See?
Aria looks shocked at her latest discovery. What could it be?

6. Aria Overwhelmed with Evidence

Aria Overwhelmed with Evidence
Aria is overwhelmed with evidence about Ezra and seems unsure what to do next.

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