Reign Photos from "Liege Lord"

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These photos are from Reign Season 1 Episode 17.

"Liege Lord" will air Thursday, April 10 at 9/c on The CW.


1. Do Tell!

Do Tell!
It looks like Kenna and Lola are sharing a bit of gossip while Greer looks on in "Liege Lord."

2. Lola and her Betrothed

Lola and her Betrothed
Lola finds herself betrothed to Lord Julien (Giacomo Gianniotti). She looks happy enough in "Liege Lord."

3. The Newlywed

The Newlywed
What is Kenna thinking about? Her new husband or the king? Watch "Liege Lord" to find out.

4. Crazy Henry

Crazy Henry
The King is not in his right mind. Will he be of any use to anyone in "Liege Lord"?

5. Mary Confronts Catherine

Mary Confronts Catherine
Could this be Mary confronting Catherine about the secret clause in her marriage contract? Nasty business!

6. Casual Catherine

Casual Catherine
Queen Catherine looks casual in this photo from "Liege Lord."

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