Star-Crossed Photos from Episode 2

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What went down on Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 2?

Click through photos from The CW drama now.

1. Roman Says Goodbye

Roman Says Goodbye
Things turn emotional for Roman in this Star-Crossed scene. He says goodbye to his father.

2. Star-Crossed Funeral

Star-Crossed Funeral
This is a scene from the second Star-Crossed episode. It is titled "These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends."

3. Preparing for a Funeral

Preparing for a Funeral
Roman prepares for a funeral on Star-Crossed. "These Violent Delights have Violent Ends" is the second episode of the show's first season.

4. Roman and Julia

Roman and Julia
Julia talks to Roman about the Cyper and their connection.

5. Roman and Castor

Roman and Castor
Pictured in this Star-Crossed scene: Matt Lanter as Roman and Johnathon Schaech as Castor.

6. Roman, All Worked Out

Roman, All Worked Out
Matt Lanter is back on The CW. He is featured on Star-Crossed as Roman.

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