The 100: 13 Most Poignant Moments of Forgiveness

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The 100 is a show that prides itself on redemption, which walks hand in hand with rightfully earned forgiveness.

Over the past five seasons, there have been man examples of forgiveness being shared, but it didn't always feel like it was earned.

But no matter what, the show shines a light on the reasoning behind that search for redemption, as well as how different characters view that idea of forgiveness.

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In the upcoming premiere episode for Season 6, Echo tries to convince Bellamy that he needs to forgive Octavia, even if he doesn't want to right now. This stood out because how off it was, an abuse victim being told that he should forgive someone who abused him for most of the show's run.

Bellamy choosing not to just award forgiveness based on nothing of substance, and putting himself first for the first time in relation to Octavia was a good example of times that forgiveness just isn't in the cards.

But The 100 has also had examples of when forgiveness was perfectly developed and made sense in the context of the story, with this slideshow highlighting those impactful moments. 

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These are the characters and the relationships that teach us how forgiveness works, and when it is a healthy decision to offer it to someone who is looking for it. 

The 100 Season 6 Episode 1 premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8c on The CW.
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1. Bellamy and Clarke (Season 4)

Bellamy and Clarke (Season 4)
While we understood Clarke's need to keep Bellamy safe because who wouldn't, it wasn't as easy for him to wrap his brain around at first. The situation continued to escalate from there, but the best part about having a soulmate is that they understand where your heart is coming from. Clarke apologized for her mistake and Bellamy offered her the forgiveness that is so common between them now.

2. Wells and Clarke (Season 1)

Wells and Clarke (Season 1)
This one still hurts because Wells was one of a kind. He let Clarke believe that he wronged her, just so she wouldn't be mad at her mom for putting her father in danger. It was a selfless move from a loving human, and he then took it one step farther by forgiving her without a second thought. Wells and Clarke was a friendship that was stripped away from us too soon, but at least we will always have their version of forgiveness.

3. Bellamy and Clarke (Season 1)

Bellamy and Clarke (Season 1)
There was just something about the way that Clarke knew and understood Bellamy from the very beginning, even when he was still struggling with who he was. The healthy version of forgiveness looks like this, just someone willing to offer it because they know the other person needs to hear it. Putting the other person's feelings first is a good foundation for a hopeful future.

4. Indra and Bellamy (Season 5)

Indra and Bellamy (Season 5)
Indra and Bellamy had their moments, from Bellamy's allegiance to Pike and then Indra's commitment to power-hungry Octavia in that Bunker, and yet somehow that respect between them didn't waver. They may not have always been on the same side, but they always understood the other in a way that makes us wish for more scenes between the two during The 100 Season 6.

5. Bellamy and Clarke (Season 5)

Bellamy and Clarke (Season 5)
The 100 Season 5 was tough for everyone, including our favorite duo on the show. Clarke left Bellamy in an unstable situation with his sister, and that was a mistake that followed her for the rest of the season. Madi helped Bellamy adjust his view a bit, at least when it came to the headspace that Clarke was in when it came to him, but what The 100 did right was not letting it be an easy fix. Bellamy didn't just forget what happened, he forgave Clarke because she showed him that she messed up. The best part though is that it isn't over, these two will continue to work through their relationship and their trust because that is the healthy way to continue down that path of forgiveness.

6. Clarke and Lexa (Season 3)

Clarke and Lexa (Season 3)
Clarke wasn't exactly looking to forgive Lexa when The 100 Season 3 started out, their last meeting that came with a betrayal still was fresh in her mind. But after Clarke spent some time with Lexa in Polis, she found a way to forgive and understand where the Commander was coming from when it came to her decisions as a leader.

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