The 100: 13 Times Madi and Clarke Griffin Made Our Hearts Melt

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Clarke and Madi are our favorite Griffin ladies that have had one of the purest relationships that The 100 has offered since the time jump.

They had some ups and some downs during Season 5, particularly at the end when Clarke made a really bad decision in an attempt to keep Madi safe.

But throughout the entire season, these two have offered us a break from all the darkness with the promise of more light.

The 100 Season 6 Trailer: What We Learned About The Brave New World!

The way Clarke and Madi care about each other is built on hope and family. Going into The 100 Season 6 means that we will get to see more of Madi and Clarke adjusting to the new planet together.

There is plenty to worry about but it is always nice to take a look back at some of the times when those two made us really happy and warmed our hearts a whole lot.

Which Madi and Clarke moment was your favorite?


1. Madi and Clarke making a new planet feel hopeful

Madi and Clarke making a new planet feel hopeful
There is no true context for this yet but The 100 Season 6 trailer got that much more amazing with this moment in it. Clarke and Madi probably haven't seen each other since they went into cryo, and them getting that time together before they go to the new planet is all kinds of precious and promising.

2. Clarke and Madi waiting and wondering

Clarke and Madi waiting and wondering
This showed us a little bit more about how Clarke and Madi fit into each other's lives and it was a really lovely glimpse. It solidified the protective way that we felt about these two, and was a nice scene to look back on when things grew a lot more dangerous later on in the season.

3. Madi trying to protect Clarke

Madi trying to protect Clarke
It wasn't always the best ideas that come from trying to protect your own, but this was Madi trying to look after Clarke and no one can fault her for that. It was comforting during a twist that threatened the future of several characters because that is what happens sometimes when Blodreina is involved.

4. Clarke hugging Madi

Clarke hugging Madi
These two look like they give the best hugs, so this must be a pretty epic one between the pair. It was high emotion and there was this impending doom about whether Clarke would be okay but in all of that Madi and Clarke managed to still steal our hearts.

5. Clarke supporting Madi's idolization

Clarke supporting Madi's idolization
Clarke wasn't exactly Team Octavia in any way, and really who could blame her. But Madi still had this idea of who she wanted Octavia to be, which Clarke entertained because she didn't want to take the illusion from her. Even the way she introduced Madi to Octavia, she wanted to make her happy and isn't that what all of this has been about?

6. Madi saving Clarke

Madi saving Clarke
The audience wasn't familiar with Madi yet, but after this, it was ride or die for all the fans when it came to the newcomer. The fact that she killed someone to keep Clarke safe made it clear how much those two meant to each other, and how much they would mean to all of us.

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