The 100: 19 Significant Friendships Poised To Take the Platonic Throne

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Who hasn't heard the fandom favorite phrase that Bellamy and Clarke need to stay platonic because there just aren't enough M/F friendships out there?

Not only is that an incorrect assumption, but it is also asking to be proven wrong. The 100 has, had, and will continue to have the potential to explore some great platonic friendships.  

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There is the obvious statement about how The 100 shouldn't hinder their successful platonic friendship example on just one couple, especially when they are one scene away from being full-on romantic soulmates.

Instead, there are plenty of friendships between a guy and a girl on the show that has demonstrated familiar connections that we all know all too well or that seem promising for the future. 

Not all of these options are still alive and well, but they still have a huge place in our hearts and only pave the way for more lovely friendships in the future. 

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And keep in mind that all of this doesn't even start to include the friendship scenarios that we know Jordan will get involved in.

Can I hear some support for a lovely Jordan and Madi friendship pair off?

What are your favorite The 100 friendships that you hope will get more screentime during The 100 Season 6? Watch The 100 online and report back!

1. Bellamy and Gaia

Bellamy and Gaia
This is a personal favorite that only started to gain traction during The 100 Season 5, but if given enough screentime could be the softest platonic friendship yet. Bellamy and Gaia have respect for one another, and their need to protect Madi just makes them that much more interesting when they are side by side.

2. Zeke and Clarke

Zeke and Clarke
This is probably another personal favorite, with the way that Zeke looked out for Clarke even in the beginning possibly hinting as a mutual friendship in the future. Zeke is joining the main group now but he is still an outsider, much like Clarke might still feel like sometimes. What better way to explore a friendship than to have them find their place in the same group together?

3. Bellamy and Emori

Bellamy and Emori
Bellamy had faith in Emori from the very beginning of The 100 Season 5, putting his life in her hands and having no doubt that she would keep them safe. These two are the perfect amount of supportive and understanding with one another. They deserve so much more screentime on their wild friend adventures.

4. Kane and Charmaine

Kane and Charmaine
These two were all over each other trying to become best friends. Mission accomplished and we will see if there is more to this if Kane wakes up during The 100 Season 6.

5. Bellamy and Raven

Bellamy and Raven
These two have come a long way, turning into a duo that needed to figure out a way to lead without their third person. It is safe to say that they accomplished that and more, demonstrating a real long lasting friendship that feels natural as it continues on.

6. Murphy and Clarke

Murphy and Clarke
Murphy should cook for Clarke again so they could reignite their brief frienaissance and make us all weirdly happy. This is a friendship that can't exactly be explained, and yet would be so entertaining to watch onscreen.

7. Roan and Clarke

Roan and Clarke
These two would have stood over their people and judged things together like the sarcastic dorks that they were. They would also discuss how wonderful Bellamy was, the potential was all there and should not be forgotten.

8. Jasper and Clarke

Jasper and Clarke
This friendship was complicated, which doesn't mean it wasn't valuable. Jasper and Clarke grew out of the way that they used to understand each other. It was painful to watch and yet it introduced another take on dynamics that aren't always picture perfect.

9. Jasper and Harper

Jasper and Harper
Their main connection was Monty, and in a way that makes this friendship that much more special to look back on. This is before we even discuss how Harper named her child after Jasper, Everything is fine, I just have a branch in my eye.

10. Bellamy and Maya

Bellamy and Maya
This was shortlived but it was a special friendship where two people didn't have time to grow into each other's presence. Bellamy and Maya just needed to trust each other, and they did in a really great way.

11. Kane and Indra

Kane and Indra
This is a friendship that speaks for itself, and maybe if Kane doesn't die when The 100 Season 6 comes back we will continue to see more of this constant friendship.

12. Jasper and Raven

Jasper and Raven
These two grew closer at a time when they were struggling, especially with their mental health. This was a friendship that took on a life of its own because of the simple way with which the show approached these topics, making the audience connect with Jasper and Raven together because of it.

13. Wells and Clarke

Wells and Clarke
These two were the first introduction that the show gave us to an authentic close friendship rooted in care and understanding about what the other person needed. This is a friendship that fans always return to wishing there was more content for us to enjoy.

14. Monty and Octavia

Monty and Octavia
Monty and Octavia started out on top and ended up more on the bottom. It wasn't what could be considered successful, but it left an impact which is a different discussion entirely.

15. Monty and Clarke

Monty and Clarke
They two grew up a lot in five seasons, understanding each other in ways they might not have before. Losing Monty was huge for all of us, and it is obvious how much it will weigh on Clarke.

16. Bellamy and Harper

Bellamy and Harper
This gif says it all if we are being honest. Bellamy and Harper are one of those "what might have been" friendships that we all know were close in space and will love them for exactly that.

17. Miller and Octavia

Miller and Octavia
There was something about their training session and the way that Miller followed Octavia into her Blodreina persona that teased at real potential. They may not be close, but there is an understanding there that could trickle into The 100 Season 6 as both Miller and Octavia try to find their place again.

18. Jasper and Octavia

Jasper and Octavia
It was all about the little moments with these two, but when they happened they would destroy your entire soul.

19. Murphy and Raven

Murphy and Raven
They could play soccer together and be sarcastic toward one another. There are so many options and we should see at least a few of them soon.

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