The 100: 21 Times Bellamy and Clarke Left Feelings Unsaid

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The only thing more obvious than Bellamy and Clarke's very not platonic feelings for one another is the way the narrative makes sure they don't get around to talking about it. Ever. 

And with a season as heavy on the loud undertones like The 100 Season 6, it becomes even more clear how much is just left unspoken between the two. 

You have an arc driven by Bellamy stopping at nothing to bring Clarke back, with an episode dedicated to the pain he feels over her loss, and yet everything is super friendly and there's no romance in sight. 

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To prove that kind of narrative wrong, here is a slideshow that explores those moments where Bellamy and/or Clarke almost said something more ... and then didn't. 

Which Bellarke scene did you think left the most unsaid between them? What do you wish they would finally get to say each other's way?

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1. Bellamy's Unspoken Feelings

This scene during The 100 Season 6 Episode 9 was a big one, where you have Bellamy speaking to Clarke while Josephine is still present in her body. He tells her he won't let her die but it isn't about that, it is about the way he takes a pause and then looks away. He has to shake himself out of saying more, of actually saying what he wants to say. Both Bellamy and Josephine are left affected and yet there is so much left unsaid that should have been vocalized.

2. Clarke's Unspoken Influenced Resignation

Say what you want but Clarke chose to give up control of her body to Josephine after she was given proof that in a way Bellamy had moved on. She didn't get to see the episode long anger and pain he went through, instead, all she knew was that Bellamy took the deal and she wasn't needed anymore. The fact that this made Clarke stop fighting and its significance has been waved away at best and ignored at worst.

3. Bellamy's Unspoken Anguish

Remember that time when Bellamy found out he lost Clarke and spent all of The 100 Season 6 Episode 6 planning revenge and crying in every single frame that we got of him? Is this where we again pretend that this is in no way substantial proof of how his feelings may not be as simple as the narrative likes to make it seem?

4. Clarke's Unspoken Look of Platonic Jealousy

Bellamy and Clarke reunited after six years of not knowing how the other was doing, only for Clarke to find out that her platonic soulmate (conveniently) didn't mention his relationship status shakeup yet. This became two scenes where the audience got slapped in the face with Clarke watching Bellamy and Echo together. The look on her face said it all, and yet it didn't. It is almost like there was something to be explored there and yet it didn't end up materializing.

5. Bellamy and Clarke's Unspoken Goodbye

This was the first time Bellamy and Clarke separated (semi) willingly. Yet at the same time, there was so much that these two kept buried so that this wouldn't hurt more than it clearly did. Clarke had to go and Bellamy let her, so don't under any circumstances think about what was left unsaid.

6. Bellamy's Unspoken Rescue Mission

Bellamy not willing to kill a bunch of people? Sure, makes sense. Bellamy willing to risk almost 300 people because Clarke is in danger? Don't give it too much thought because then you would end up realizing the obvious.

7. Clarke's Unspoken Heart Filled Realization

This moment during The 100 Season 5 Episode 5 was when Clarke realized that Bellamy never got her radio calls. So instead of telling Bellamy that she survived for six years because of him, instead we got that pause that was so loud and yet so silent. Clarke was feeling so much and the viewers lost out on a lot when that went unspoken.

8. Bellamy's Unspoken Touch

So Bellamy definitely felt something when he touched Clarke and we all collectively can't discuss it? Was that a gun that Clarke felt or was Bellamy just happy to see her? The world deserves to know.

9. Clarke's Unspoken Mindspace Callout

Clarke's mind threw so much at her, including Octavia's point about how she might not truly believe that Bellamy forgave her. There was a reason he didn't show up and Octavia, a person Clarke only really shares Bellamy as a connection, appeared just to threaten Clarke with that. Or maybe that wasn't what happened at all and we got confused by what the dialogue and the scene told us onscreen.

10. Bellamy and Clarke's Unspoken Future Look

Going into space meant a lot of reflection between Bellamy and Clarke about their time on Earth. Clarke preparing Bellamy to lead without her meant bringing up all their history and here we were. It is obvious that Clarke didn't go with Bellamy because if a time jump happened they would return to Earth as a couple. Maybe that is why yet again these two wouldn't let what was really going through their heads (and hearts) air out in the open.

11. Bellamy's Unspoken Exposure

Bellamy literally poisoned his sister because she was going to kill Clarke. He was going to do that and yet no one has spoken about his reasoning since, or the big L word that Octavia pulled out. Even in the scene itself, you have this bomb thrown out there about Bellamy's feelings for Clarke and with one awkward look, the scene just moves past it.

12. Bellamy's Unspoken Interruption

The conversation of unspoken words to end all ambiguous discussions. Bellamy knew this could be the last time he saw Clarke and after she told him how special he was, obviously he had something big that he wanted her to know. But she interrupted him and this is when the interruptions between them truly started, whether because of the other person or the narrative.

13. Clarke's Unspoken Past Reflection

If you try to tell me that Clarke didn't want to say more after this pause then you are a huge liar. Clarke didn't even know if Bellamy could hear her but she wanted him to know how she felt. Now if only he was able to answer, can you imagine that conversation?

14. Bellamy's Unspoken Awareness

This would have been the perfect time for Bellamy and Clarke to really talk about their relationship and what place they are in after everything during The 100 Season 5. Instead, Bellamy started to speak and then pulled back because ironically this would be their last moment together for a while.

15. Clarke's Unspoken Fear

Clarke knew she wasn't going to make it to space with the rest of the group, which made this moment with Bellamy where she still asked him to hurry more emotional. She knew it wouldn't matter but yet she still had hope that somehow she would be with him. Without getting into the very obvious writing decision to separate these two at a time when they were just on the edge of finally coming together, there was so much Clarke still wanted to say and didn't.

16. Bellamy and Clarke's Unspoken Pain

An episode like The 100 Season 6 Episode 2 sets up a lot of conversations for upcoming episodes, and yet we shouldn't hold our breath to actually see what a character-driven arc like that will open up. Bellamy and Clarke had a rough experience together when the red sun brought up things to the surface that both of them were struggling with. Except, Bellamy and Clarke woke up and looked at each other with their sad eyes and that was that. There was no conversation about what Bellamy was working through when it came to trusting Clarke, and no apologies about the literal pain they ended up causing each other. I guess the fear of letting Bellamy and Clarke talk for too long is still very much real.

17. Bellamy's Unspoken Priority

There is no way anyone misses the obvious "Bellamy and Clarke care for one another more than they care for other people" agenda that the show throws out there. At the same time though, the Children of Gabriel will interrupt right in time before anyone can actually comment on the significance behind a statement like that. Bellamy may care about Clarke more than he cares about anyone else this season, but doesn't read too into that even though the show clearly wants us to.

18. Bellamy's Unspoken Transparency

Let's admit it, this entire cave scene represented what is wrong with the narrative right now. Hints of Bellarke and their huge romantic undertones, while at the same time pulling away before it gets too real. Josephine treading the line of how Bellamy's love for Clarke meant Russell's plan would never work made some obvious points. But we aren't in a practical world where romantic patterns, tropes, and comparisons pay off, instead, this is all a platonic illusion and we all should get ready to start again next time.

19. Bellamy and Clarke's Unspoken Connection

The 100 Season 2 was a rough ride for Bellamy and Clarke when you consider this was their first real separation arc. Clarke told Bellamy to go risk his life because it was left unsaid how she connected her love (for him) to a weakness. Bellamy went but it went unsaid how it upset him that Clarke was fine with it. Their first meeting after that held all these looks, but somehow conveniently there was just no time for much else. And there wouldn't be any time for another three months.

20. Bellamy's Unspoken Weighed Knowledge

Bellamy and Clarke found a way to come together again during The 100 Season 5 Episode 13, but that came from Madi clueing Bellamy in on how much Clarke cares for him. So this conversation after he learned about the radio calls made it clear that Bellamy was forgiving Clarke because he realized how much he really meant to her, while at the same time not bringing it up because of what it could mean when he does.

21. Clarke (and Bellamy's) Unspoken Understanding

Once the radio calls were actually discussed between these two, there was still plenty left up in the air. According to Jason Rothenberg, this was a scene that did end up getting cut a bit, so it makes sense that there was more to be desired. Because right now Clarke and Bellamy are just both carrying the knowledge that she called him for six years straight. And that holds absolutely no emotional weight beyond that, right?

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