21 Interspecies Romances

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No matter your race, gender, or sexuality love has no boundaries. 

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But when mixed with the supernatural, television can bring something new into the mix. Romantic relationships have the ability to be between two people of different species. 

We've created a slideshow below of 21 of our favorite interspecies romances!

1. Lucifer and Chloe - Lucifer

Lucifer and Chloe - Lucifer
It's not often that the devil falls in love with a human, but that's exactly what happened in Lucifer and Chloe's case. Complications really set it when Lucifer was forced to go back to hell and leave the woman he loved behind.

2. Michael and Alex - Roswell, New Mexico

Michael and Alex - Roswell, New Mexico
Michael and Alex knew each other for a decade before Alex realized the truth about him. But even after discovering that Michael was an alien, it didn't change how much he loved him.

3. Yaphit and Dr. Finn - The Orville

Yaphit and Dr. Finn - The Orville
We're not sure if we can call this sexual experience resulting from rouge alien pheromones a romance, but there was definitely something happening between Yaphit and Dr. Finn here.

4. Helo and Athena - Battlestar Galactica

Helo and Athena - Battlestar Galactica
A relationship between a human and Cylon was bound to have complications, and Helo and Athena had their fair share of ups and downs. But somehow, a romance between them made perfect sense.

5. Alec and Magnus - Shadowhunters

Alec and Magnus - Shadowhunters
Alec and Magnus' love managed to change the entire Shadow World for the better. Not only was Alec a Shadowhunter while Magnus was a Downworlder, but they were the Head of the Institute and the High Warlock of Brooklyn. They proved to everyone that love is love and that prejudice needs to be thrown out the window.

6. Matthew and Diana - A Discovery of Witches

Matthew and Diana - A Discovery of Witches
When a witch and a vampire start a relationship, not everyone is going to be completely on board with it. As it turns out, Matthew and Diana's love was a huge violation of the Covenant.

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