The 100: 31 Bellamy and Clarke Driven Season 6 Scenes That Were Misinterpreted

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Mistakes happen. Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and the sixth time is full-blown misinterpretation. 

The 100 Season 6 wrapped up with plenty of questions, and even some surprises like the idea that Bellamy Blake's arc for the season was misunderstood by just about everyone that watched it.

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On the surface, it was a journey for Bellamy, a return back to a heart-driven version of himself who discovers that his partner was body-snatched and does anything he can to save her.

Once he makes sure she is okay, both of them have to jump back into their leadership positions to save the people that were left behind and intangled in various problems themselves. 

Except not really. Because while Bellamy was the first one to realize Clarke was gone, then the first to figure out she was still alive, and all around the one person truly responsible for saving her, this whole time he was just focused on the bigger picture.

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This came as a surprise to many, including an actor who put six years into a narrative that he apparently was wrong about along with all the other fans. The bright side is that we can all misinterpret together in shirt form now. 

Which is why this slideshow was created, as a comprehensive list of all the Season 6 moments that we all misinterpreted the first time around and might need to watch The 100 online  again to reevaluate. 

1. That Well Directed (Mis)interpretation

Let's get one thing straight, Bob Morley has been a victim right alongside us when it comes to misinterpretation on The 100. It happens, distinct plot lines and dialogue and the way scenes are directed can be tricky. They could all simultaneously say one thing but at the same time mean something that never existed. Which is why Bob chose to direct his episode the way that he did, and why he was so shocked to find out that all of us were on the same boat of confusion. But he delivered some of the best shots between Bellamy and Clarke so at least we are in denial with some high-quality content to misdirect us.

2. That Life Saving Misinterpretation

Nothing about this was platonic, while at the same time none of this is worthy of any interpretation. Clarke needed someone to save her and Bellamy was there after spending most of the season focused on how much she means to him. There is nothing to see here and Bellamy and Clarke touching each other the way that they do is only a misdirection. All along it was about how Bellamy can save everybody who isn't in that room with him.

3. That Misinterpretation of all Misinterpretations

Bellamy removing himself from everyone to cry by himself over Clarke is nothing at all. The show chose to highlight this because Bob Morley is a skilled actor and sometimes you need to find an excuse to let him show that off.

4. That Clarke Looking at Bellamy Misinterpretation

There is all this talk of Bellamy looking at Clarke, while at the same time undercutting the looks that Clarke gives to him. A lot of it started during The 100 Season 5, with Clarke getting the time to really plug into her emotions. That translated into the way she viewed Bellamy and the feelings behind that, only to arguably grow stronger once he saved her from her mind space death. Clarke seemingly can't look at Bellamy now in a way that doesn't scream how much she cares for him and how important he is to her. Or so one would think, when in fact Clarke's face just got confused and this wasn't anything at all.

5. That Loud Misinterpretation

While bringing Clarke back to life with his incredible CPR skills, Bellamy actually said out loud that he needs her. In a perfect summary of everything Bellamy was focused on that season, he staked his claim on the person who means so much to him. And yet the interpretation is all off because even the dialogue isn't looking to validate the obvious.

6. That Confusing Misinterpretation

So when Bellamy took Josephine away from Sanctum so he could find a way to save Clarke, it was not him actually doing any of that. Instead, Bellamy chose to leave his people to fend for themselves while he went to save Clarke because he was confused. He thought Clarke was a metaphor for all his people and by saving her he saved everyone else. Was he wrong though? In a way, Clarke was his person and there's nothing wrong with that.

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