The Hills: New Beginnings Premiere: Everything We Learned

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The Hills returned to MTV on Monday night, and it was filled with drama. 

But The Hills: New Beginnings Season 1 Episode 1 had a big task: 

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It had to fill fans in on everything that changed for the cast since The Hills Season 6 Episode 12, while also introducing them to a handful of new stars. 

Let's break down the premiere's biggest moments below. 

Remember you can watch The Hills: New Beginnings online right here via TV Fanatic. 

The series airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.


1. Audrina is Back in Los Angeles

Audrina is Back in Los Angeles
Audrina started the OG series as the likable friend of Lauren Conrad. She's just as friendly on the new iteration. The premiere kicked off with her moving into a new home as a divorced single mother after a "crazy couple of years."

2. Making Connections...

Making Connections...
Audrina was open and honest about alienating everyone but admitted that she was ready to get back out there. Her first guests in her new home were none other than Heidi Pratt and Whitney Port. There was nothing awkward about the meet-up. All three women naturally had a lot to say in a way that did not feel scripted. Maybe there's life in this show after all.

3. With an Ex

With an Ex
Audrina and Justin Bobby were a significant couple on the OG series, but they didn't stand the test of time. In fact, Justin Bobby was easy on the eyes, but he was horrible to Audrina. But Audrina made her way to a date with him in the premiere.

4. Why?

She still has "lingering feelings" for Justin Bobby. Her mother was supportive of her decision to meet with him after all these years, but she wasted no time in telling her daughter to “use, like, 30 condoms” if they decided to indulge in some sexual activity. Good advice, right?

5. Was There Still a Connection?

Was There Still a Connection?
Thankfully, the chemistry between Audrina and her ex was off the charts, proving that this show does have at least one convincing storyline.

6. Stephanie's Back!

Stephanie's Back!
Stephanie exited Los Angeles soon after the series concluded, but she's back, and she intends to get back in good graces with Heidi and Spencer. Oh yes, the Pratt family drama is back.

7. Spencer and Heidi Are Parents!

Spencer and Heidi Are Parents!
Spencer and Heidi are parents. Their child is named Gunther. They decided to start a family after fleeing the U.S. when they were billed as the most hated couple, but they returned.

8. Heidi Has Anxiety

Heidi Has Anxiety
Heidi revealed on several occasions that she has anxiety every single time she has to leave Gunner. It's not uncommon and showed a rare side to Heidi we never got to see on the OG show.

9. Spencer Doesn't Hold Grudges ... LOL JK!

Spencer Doesn't Hold Grudges ... LOL JK!
Spencer was a master manipulator back in the day. We're glad to report that he's still the same. He has beef with much of the cast. Spencer did admit that "he would love to be famous again."

10. They Both Hate Stephanie

They Both Hate Stephanie
Heidi and Spencer complained that they would get to a good place with Stephanie, but then she would drag them on social media. It's all very tiring.

11. Brody Has a New Wife and Problems

Brody Has a New Wife and Problems
Brody is now married to Kaitlynn Carter. Kaitlynn wants to have children, but Brody is not ready to give up his freedom.

12. Brody & Spencer Are Not Friends

Brody & Spencer Are Not Friends
Once upon a time, Brody and Spencer were BFFs, but all of that seemingly changed when Brody did not invite Speidi to his wedding. Yikes, right?

13. Mischa Barton Has Joined the Cast

Mischa Barton Has Joined the Cast
Mischa opened up about her past, and how she escaped L.A. to help herself. Now, she's back, and on The Hills. When she agrees to attend Stephanie's party, she has no idea that she's about to be faced with Perez Hilton, aka the blogger who wrote a lot of terrible things about her.

14. Brandon Lee Has Joined the Cast

Brandon Lee Has Joined the Cast
Brandon is the son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. His is close to Brody Jenner, which kind of explains his addition to the cast. In the premiere, we learn that Pamela escaped the U.S. to France when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

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