The Mentalist Photos from "Brown Eyed Girls"

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"Brown Eyed Girls" are coming to The Mentalist.

Click through pictures here from The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 19.

1. Smiling Over Chinese

Smiling Over Chinese
Jane, Lisbon, and Pike are all smiling over Chinese. Does Jane know she's considering leaving Austin?

2. Bringing Her Chinese

Bringing Her Chinese
Did Marcus bring Lisbon take-out Chinese while she's stuck at work? He's certainly trying everything he can to win her over.

3. Turning Heads

Turning Heads
What has caught Lisbon and Pike's attention in "Brown Eyed Girls" It's the 19th episode of the show's sixth episode.

4. Before She Leaves

Before She Leaves
Is this one of the last cases that Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane will work together on The Mentalist?

5. Stopping a Smuggling Ring

Stopping a Smuggling Ring
Jane, Cho, and Wiley work together to stop a human smuggling ring on The Mentalist.

6. Is Jane Stressed Out

Is Jane Stressed Out
When Jane gets stressed, he tends to hit the couch. Is the is power nap or is Jane stressed out because he might lose his partner?

7. They Look in Love

They Look in Love
Teresa and Marcus definitely look like a couple in love. It looks like she's being tempted to ditch Austin, Texas and start a new life in Washington D.C.

8. Impressing Abbott

Impressing Abbott
With Jane's success rate at the FBI we can't imagine that he hasn't impressed Special Agent Abbott on The Mentalist.

9. Is That Jane's Hand?

Is That Jane's Hand?
Is that Jane's hand on the back of Lisbon's head? Nothing would ever be the same if Lisbon left the team for Washington D.C.

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