The Mentalist Photos: "Il Tavolo Bianco"

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Check out these photos for The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 20.

We're getting closer and closer to the finale!

1. Facing the Grand Jury

Facing the Grand Jury
Jane must face a grand jury which will decide whether or not he will face charges for the murder of Red John on The Mentalist.

2. What Will Jane Do?

What Will Jane Do?
How will Jane handle it when he finds out a grand jury will decide his fate? "Il Tavolo Bianco" is the 20th episode of the show's sixth season.

3. Lisbon Looks Cozy

Lisbon Looks Cozy
Lisbon and Pike certainly look cozy on that sofa on this episode of The Mentalist.

4. Is Lisbon Happy?

Is Lisbon Happy?
Is Lisbon as happy as she appears with Pike? Is this the person she wants to have a future with?

5. Is Her Mind Made Up

Is Her Mind Made Up
Has Teresa already decided to move to D.C. with Pike? Can Patrick Jane change her mind? Will he even try?

6. Fischer Is Shot

Fischer Is Shot
It appears that Agent Fischer takes a shot to her bulletproof vest. Ouch! That looks like it hurt.

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The Mentalist Quotes

Jane: That is a very lovely dress - great color.
Heather: Thank you I am Heather Evans.

Cho: You didn't steal jewelery from her?
Natalie: Please. She dresses like a Mormon call girl. I wouldn't wear her jewelery if you paid me.