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This Tuesday is Halloween so naturally, we have a Halloween-themed episode on This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6.

While many of you are probably getting dressed up as your favorite Pearson while trick-or-treating, the Pearson's are channeling their favorite '80s icons.

Who will take home the award for best costume? Let's take a look! 


1. The Big Three on Halloween

The Big Three on Halloween
No one has more fun dressing up on Halloween than the kids. And the Big Three's costumes really reflect the "pop culture" trends of the '80s. Kate transforms into Sandy from Grease, Kevin gives us his best hobo look, and Randall is the legendary Michael Jackson.

2. Cher and Sonny

Cher and Sonny
Jack and Rebecca are serving us LOOKS dressed up as Sonny and Cher. A classic costume for a classic couple! Mandy Moore said she had a black eye while filming this episode, which she just incorporated into her purple eyeshadow. But why the grim expressions?

3. "Bad" Night for Randall

"Bad" Night for Randall
Halloween seems to be more challenging for Randall who didn't have a "thriller" of a night. He even took off his curly wig! Could this have something to do with his strained relationship with Kevin?

4. I Got You Babe

I Got You Babe
Instead of singing "I Got You Babe" to Rebecca, Jack seems to be cheering up his favorite little lady. He's probably telling her that she's the prettiest Sandy he's ever seen!

5. Gimme Your Candy

Gimme Your Candy
Is Kevin bullying a kid for his candy? Or is he being all of us on Halloween and trying to slyly convince the other kid that hard candy is better than a chocolate bar?

6. Back to the Beginning

Back to the Beginning
The promo indicates that we'll see Randall, Kevin and Kate in their 20s, hence the episode name. Is this flashback sequence one Randall has when Beth goes into labor? Or is Rebecca feeling nostalgic as the kids get ready for trick-or-treating?

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6: "The 20's"
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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Randall: Did you and dad just lose the baby and couldn't find it?
Rebecca: What?
Randall: That's what the Larson's said. They said I was a miracle because you had three babies and lost one and got me instead.

But also your dad isn't here. And that's just something I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. The happiest moments will also be a little sad.