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It's Halloween on This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6. 

But it isn't all trick-or-treating and costumes. 

As always, the Pearson clan is dealing with a handful of underlying issues. 

At first, Kate wants to change her costume from vet to something "pretty" like Sandy from Grease at the very last minute. 

Rebecca opposes but Jack can't bare to see his little girl heartbroken so he agrees. 

Rebecca points out that Jack has a tendency of giving Kate was she wants, while he calls her out for treating Randall like a glass figure. 

Both have implications for the children in later years. 

With his anxiety in full swing, Randall wants to stick to his meticulously calculated map while trick-or-treating to maximize his candy to house ratio. 

Kevin and Kate want to start the fun at the haunted house. 

So Rebecca suggests they split; Jack takes the twins, she goes with Randall. 

But what's Sonny without Cher? When they split up, Jack's costume doesn't really make much sense. 

Jack quickly learns that Kate only wanted to go to the haunted house because she wanted to hold hands with Billy. 

Kevin informs Jack that there's no way Billy would hold Kate's hand but shortly after, Kate emerges from the house stoked.

Then we see Kevin give Billy all of his candy. He literally paid his friend to make his sister happy. 

Rebecca is having a harder time with Randall, who refuses to curve from his map. 

Eventually, she convinces him to take a risk but he confronts her about the "baby they lost."

Rebecca is taken aback by the seriousness of the topic but realizes she has to have "the talk."

She tells him all about their brother, Kyle, who died during birth. Randall feels a bit better knowing that he was chosen to be part of the family, not just used as a replacement for a misplaced baby. 

For someone so smart, he sure does have his moments. 

Back at home, Rebecca tells Jack that she doesn't know how she'd do this "parenting thing" without him.

Sadly, when we flash forward to the Big Three's 20's for the first time, she has to do just that. 

Kate is working at a diner and taking night classes. 

She has a crush on a regular customer who she eventually sleeps with that night. 

"Your married aren't you," she asks him. She already knew it but was hoping that by pursuing him, things would "feel right" again. 

Kevin is in LA pursuing an acting career. As he waits for pilot season, he works as a shampoo assistant at a salon. 

He's furious when he finds out his not-so-attractive roommate got a part in a movie and tags along to an industry party. 

During the event, he makes a complete ass out of himself when he questions the director on his casting choice and offers to audition for the role his roommate just landed. 

The director, clearly not impressed by 'fake friends,' tells Kevin he'll never get any job with him. 

Randall seems to be doing the best of the three.

He's expecting his first child with Beth, but the stress has been getting to him. 

We finally get more in-depth about his first-ever anxiety attack and also see those nerves in action as he obsesses over installing a ceiling fan. 

Rebecca arrives on Halloween, the day before Beth is set to be induced, to lend a helping hand and some moral support. 

When Randall overhears the two ladies loudly whispering about him, he declares that he's going to the hardware store for a new fan. 

While he's gone, Beth admits that she doesn't really trust Randall anymore but Rebecca assures her that he'll come through. He always does. 

At the store, Randall has a nervous breakdown to the worker about how scared he is to become a father. 

Even though this isn't really his specialty, the employee gives him some sound advice: when the baby comes, everything will fall into place. 

Then, Randall gets the call that Beth has gone into labor a day early. 

This doesn't sit well with Randall who as you remember, doesn't like to stray from his plans. 

He rushes home and sees that Beth really needs him to take charge of the situation, especially since the ambulance won't get there in time because the roads are blocked for trick-or-treaters. 

So, he pulls through and helps deliver that baby with his mother by his side.

There are a lot of emotions, specifically for Rebecca who breaks down about Jack's absence. 

This is the happiest moment of her life but she can't share it with the man she loved, the man who made this all possible. 

She calls both Kevin and Kate who arrive as soon as possible to see meet their niece. 

It's at that point that they both realize their 20's kind of suck and they need a fresh start. 

Meanwhile, Rebecca goes to have a chat with baby Tess, who was named after that ceiling fan. 

As she's welcoming her to the world, we see flashbacks of when she also welcomed and embraced her third son Randall. 

That night, Miguel reached out to her after she uploaded pictures of her granddaughter to her new Facebook account. 

Eight years had passed since they last spoke and while it may have seemed like the end of her love life, Tess's birth was just the beginning. 

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Randall: Did you and dad just lose the baby and couldn't find it?
Rebecca: What?
Randall: That's what the Larson's said. They said I was a miracle because you had three babies and lost one and got me instead.

But also your dad isn't here. And that's just something I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. The happiest moments will also be a little sad.