This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The 20's

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The Pearson family celebrated Halloween on This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6, but it wasn't all candy corn and haunted houses.

Rebecca and Jack are a pretty iconic couple, so it only made sense that they dressed up as Cher and Sonny, which the children hilariously didn't understand. 

Is there a song that speaks more to their relationship than "I Got You, Babe?" I didn't even mind Jack's off-key singing. 

This Is Us Halloween Episode Season 2 Episode 6

Their 80's inspired costumes really brought the authenticity of the time period. 

Randall channeled his "Bad"-era Michael Jackson, Kate was Sandy from Grease (although I still see girls dressing up as characters from Grease nowadays), and Kevin was a hobo. Because apparently, that's the dream people! 

Even before setting foot outside, things were off to a rocky start. Randall wanted to follow his map, Kevin and Kate wanted to start with the haunted house. Rebecca thought of a compromise – they'd split up, which sounded like a good idea until Jack had to rock his half of the costume by himself. 

Immediately, both parents began pointing out each other's most significant faults with the kids. Rebecca treated Randall like a fragile glass figure always allowing him to feed into his anxiety and most likely, obsessive-compulsive planning disorder. 

Jack and his little lady  - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6

Jack wasn't any better though – he literally could not say no to Kate because the thought of breaking his baby girl's heart destroyed him inside. 

So while their intentions were pure, they did more bad than good. No matter how much you try as a parent, you're going to screw your kids up in some way. It's inevitable, which is what twenty-something Randall was so scared of. 

The Halloween-theme fit well because in their 20s – which is an exciting and prosperous time (even if you're broke as a joke) – the siblings were a horror show. 

Kate was babied by Jack, so when he passed, she was hit with the harsh realization that things weren't just going to be handed to her, and often, people would reject her based on her looks.

It also explained why she resented her mother, who was always a bit harsher on her in an attempt to prepare her for the real world. 

Twenty-year-old Kate was working at a diner while going to night school and hooking up with a married man. She knew it was wrong, but she just hoped something would "feel right," which said a lot about her self-worth. 

Kate and Jack - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6

You know what didn't feel right? Those bangs. Never again Kate! 

Randall, on the other hand, continued to be rigid, which eventually caused his first nervous breakdown – the same one Beth told William about on SThis Is Us Season 1 when he lost his eyesight.

Beth called in back-up, and Rebecca arrived with advice and a shoulder to lean on. If I'm giving birth and I can't rely on my dude, you better believe I'm calling his mom, who is the only other person in the world that understands him.

Rebecca always gave Randall the benefit of the doubt, but she knew that even though he was sensitive, he would pull through. And he did. Or he was forced to. Same thing, right?

This Is Us Randall Halloween  Season 2 Episode 6

The thing about life is that it's unexpected. Rebecca was right when she said that's what makes it exciting. Sure, it can be frightening and depressing when disaster strikes but what is the fun of knowing everything?

Even though Beth was going to be induced the next day, she went into labor that night and since the ambulance couldn't arrive on time – thanks, trick-or-treaters – it was up to Randall to be there for his wife. 

Screw the plan; we're having a baby right now! And they did. Out came their little fighter; a fighter just like her father. Watching Randall work through his issues and come out on the other side was inspiring and speaks volumes to the strength of his character. 

Rebecca explained that the "middle" of your life is the hardest because you tend to get lost. That was heightened for The Big Three with the loss of their father, also an unexpected event that Randall had no control over. 

Even though Kate wasn't coping well, Kevin seemed the worse off. 

The Pearsons  - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6

He was a struggling actor waiting for "pilot season" as he told the lady whose hair he was shampooing; a part-time job because you know, money is money! 

Since Rebecca and Jack were mainly focused on Randall and Kate in their younger years, Kevin was kind of left to fend for himself. It seemed like he had everything under control – he was good looking, popular, and had a football career ahead of him. Or so we thought.  

And I would have even said a that he had a good heart after seeing him make a deal with Billy, Kate's crush, to hold her hand in the haunted house in exchange for candy. Did that not make your heart melt? 

But how did he go from that to literally trying to sabotage his roommate for a role? He was so desperate that he not only ruined his friendship, but also any chances with the director he admired. 

It was a low moment for Kevin; he's damaged and thinks that he deserves everything handed to him because he's got a pretty face. 

While I only ever wish the best for this family whom I adore despite all their faults, I have to give props to the director for having integrity and valuing honesty. 

Jack and Kevin - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6

So yes, I do think you remember your 20s forever, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are only good memories. You have to remember both the pain and the struggle to appreciate your growth.

And the Big Three? They've definitely grown...thankfully. 

I have to say, Rebecca's scenes hit me the hardest. Despite experiencing one of her "happiest moments," she also broke down crying knowing she would never get to share this joy with Jack again. 

We haven't seen Rebecca cope with Jack's death before. The Big Three have had multiple moments when, you can see the effects of his passing on their life choices, but we've rarely seen Rebecca's side. 

It was so "human" to see her crack; so real to just see her realize that she has this great family thanks to Jack, but he isn't around like he promised he would be. 

Love Is In the Air  - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6

We came full circle as she talked to baby Tess and welcomed her into the world the same way she did Randall when she finally came around to the idea of adopting him. It was another major life choice that altered everything thanks to Jack. 

When she set up her Facebook (thanks, Beth!) page, it reconnected her with Miguel, which felt like a sign. I always thought Miguel just filled the void after Jack's passing, but this version is much more romantic. 

While Miguel can never replace Jack, it's almost as if Jack sent his best friend her way when she needed it. As Rebecca put it, it may have felt like an ending, but it was a beautiful new beginning, a new chapter, for everyone. 

And if you're wondering  yes, I cried like a baby while dressed in my Halloween costume eating a bowl full of candy. 

Remember, you can watch This Is Us online and leave your thoughts/feelings/comments down below! 

The 20's Review

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Randall: Did you and dad just lose the baby and couldn't find it?
Rebecca: What?
Randall: That's what the Larson's said. They said I was a miracle because you had three babies and lost one and got me instead.

But also your dad isn't here. And that's just something I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. The happiest moments will also be a little sad.