What We're Watching: May 4 - May 10

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We have a slew of penultimate episodes this week on TV! Take a look at what we're watching at TV Fanatic for the week of May 4!

1. Castle - Dead From New York

Castle - Dead From New York
Tonight’s Castle episode “Dead From New York” is one of the funniest installments we’ve seen in a long time and it includes some great guest stars: Jaleel White (Family Matters), Gregory Harrison (Trapper John, M.D., One Tree Hill, Reckless) and Carly Rae Jepsen sings. Also, if you’re a fan of great scenes between Castle and his mom, Martha, you won’t want to miss it. --Christine Orlando

2. NHL Playoffs

NHL Playoffs
The NHL playoffs are well underway. Tonight will be my NY Rangers taking on the Washington Capitals. On Wednesday those two teams face off again but there's also the Tampa Bay Lightning who have put on a heck of a show this season and continue to battle it our against the Montreal Canadiens. Whatever you do, don't look away. In hockey, every second counts. --Christine Orlando

3. The Originals - Fire With Fire

The Originals - Fire With Fire
Klaus is fighting WITH Dahlia instead of against her. Or so we think. Tonight on The Originals Season 2 Episode 21, Dahlia and Freya come face to face and we'll learn who to trust. Or who to trust for the moment.

4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Scars

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Scars
I'm excited for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD -- I'm dying to see how the Age of Ultron movie affects the story line as the last thing said in the last episode was Coulson telling Maria Hill "Send in The Avengers"! --Jim Garner

5. Younger - Broke and Pantyless

Younger - Broke and Pantyless
Younger on TV Land. Tuesday at 10. I never thought I'd like this show, but the dialog is so witty and the characters are so well written. If you haven't given this a shot, now would be the perfect time. --Paul Dailly

6. Chicago PD - Push The Pain Away

Chicago PD - Push The Pain Away
After the shocking death that closed crossover week, I can't wait to see how the team cope in Nadia's absence. Will Platt still be able to stay witty through her grief? Will Lindsay be able to stay out of trouble, or will she find herself in a dark place? I can't wait! --Paul Dailly

7. The Vampire Diaries - I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime

The Vampire Diaries - I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime
Jo and Alaric are tying the knot on the penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 6. But that's total B-plot for those of us eager to learn whether or not Damon will drink the cure from Elena and if Enzo will let Lily out of her cell. Plus, will Caroline and Stefan hook up with their humanity on? And what happens when Kai returns!? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

8. Scandal - A Few Good Women

Scandal - A Few Good Women
Olivia Pope comes to the rescue of a woman in the military bringing charges against her male commanding officers. Shonda Rhimes continues her spree of ripped from the headlines episodes with "A Few Good Women." Plus, Jake will square off with Russell and a plan will hatch to take down Papa Pope. We hope.

9. Just The Way You Are

Just The Way You Are
Starring Candace Cameron Bure and Ty Olsson, a professional matchmaker asks her husband out on a date in the hopes of recharging her marriage. Awwww. I'll laugh, I'll cry...I'll wish I was a matchmaker AND married! Tune in to the Hallmark channel on Saturday night at 9. --Carissa Pavlica

10. Revenge - Two Graves

Revenge - Two Graves
It's the end of the road for Revenge. The series finale kicks off Sunday night at 10 on ABC. Emily and Victoria will face off once and for all and TWO people will die during the show's swan song. Who will it be? Emily and Victoria? David and Victoria? David and Margaux? Margaux and Victoria? NOLAN!?!? Ahhh!!

11. The Royals - In My Heart There Was a Kind of Fighting

The Royals - In My Heart There Was a Kind of Fighting
With the king being brutally stabbed, I can't wait to see where this show goes next. You'd never believe this show was created by the same guy that brought us One Tree Hill. They are so different and The Royals is reaching guilty pleasure status. --Paul Dailly

12. Once Upon a Time - Operation Mongoose

Once Upon a Time - Operation Mongoose
Next Sunday is the two-hour season finale where the Author will write the story for which Rumpel has been waiting. The heroes will become villains and the villains will be the heroes. Will anyone get their happy ending? --Christine Orlando

13. The Good Wife - Wanna Partner?

The Good Wife - Wanna Partner?
It’s the season finale and what a roller coaster of a season it’s been! Will Alicia and Finn pair up to start their own firm? Will Peter and Alicia officially call it quits? Will Zack have a place to sleep when he comes home? And who is the mystery person knocking on Alicia’s door? We’ll all have to tune in to find out. --Christine Orlando

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