What We're Watching: Week of April 6 - 12

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Look through our pick of the best shows coming your way the week of April 6 - 12.

1. Game Of Thrones - The Wars to Come

Game Of Thrones - The Wars to Come
It's time to head back to Westeros! HBO's epic hit show returns for its fifth, and from what I hear, bloodiest season yet. I know what you're thinking, "Bloodier than the Red Wedding?" Guess we'll all just have to tune in to find out. Plus, the series has now caught up to the books, so for the first time all fans will be surprised by the shocking deaths together. That's a nice change of pace. -- Henry A Otero

2. The Originals - Exquisite Corpse

The Originals - Exquisite Corpse
The Originals returns tonight! Will Rebekah be jumping back into her own body with the help of long lost sister Freya, or will Eva Sinclair's takeover mean we lose Beks for good? We're all eager to find out! A little side action with Gia and Elijah wouldn't kill us either. -- Miranda Wicker

3. Jane The Virgin - Chapter Seventeen

Jane The Virgin - Chapter Seventeen
Jane the Virgin is returning to finish off the season. I'm excited to see how the inaugural season ends after a season of many twists and great new characters. This week I'm interested to see Rafael's search for his mother. -- Mary Kate Venedam

4. Better Caul Saul - Marco

Better Caul Saul - Marco
The Better Call Saul Season 1 finale takes place at 10 pm on AMC. Last week we watched as Jimmy McGill learned that his big brother Chuck doesn't think he's good enough to work at HHM. The fallout when Slippin' Jimmy returns to Chicago is sure to be spectacular. -- Miranda Wicker

5. Castle - Once Upon A Time In The West

Castle - Once Upon A Time In The West
I'm not sure if it counts because it's a rerun but I'm really looking forward to Castle Season 7 Episode 7, "Once Upon a Time in the West" (ABC, Monday 10pm) It's the honeymoon episode and it's chock full of fun romance and wild west adventure, not to mention Kate Beckett in a corset. -- Christine Orlando

6. Chicago Fire - I Am The Apocalypse

Chicago Fire - I Am The Apocalypse
Three worlds collide on Chicago Fire this week when the planted spin-off for Chicago Med airs when a chemical leak causes chaos. Also expect appearances from some our favorites from Chicago PD. This crazy episode airs Tuesday at 10/9C on NBC. -- Paul Dailly

7. American Idol - Top 7 Perform: Billboard Hits

American Idol - Top 7 Perform: Billboard Hits
American Idol said goodbye to youngster Daniel Seavey last week after Rayvon Owen narrowly won the people's Twitter vote in their sudden death elimination sing-off. Does Rayvon Owen have what it takes to stay alive in the competition? And will Tyanna Jones and Clark Beckham continue to shine? Maybe and yes are our answers. What are yours? -- Miranda Wicker

8. Daredevil - Season 1

Daredevil - Season 1
I'm incredibly excited about Daredevil thanks to early reviews. It's supposed to be much more gritty and violent than Marvel's movies/TV shows up to this point. If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is considered too kid-friendly, Daredevil sounds way more adult in nature. Since Netflix releases all 13 episodes at once, I'll be binge-watching along with other Marvel fans all weekend! -- Henry A Otero

9. Hawaii Five-0 - Fallen Star

Hawaii Five-0 - Fallen Star
After at two week break and a solid hour of television on Good Friday Hawaii Five-0 is back for the final five episodes of its fifth season. Who else is excited to see how this season ends?! -- Amanda Wolf

10. Secrets and Lies - The Cop

Secrets and Lies - The Cop
With the show heading into the final four episodes of the season, we know that we will have all the answers in a few weeks, but there is still a lot of drama to be found leading up to the conclusion! Catch Secrets and Lies on Sunday at 9/8C on ABC. -- Paul Dailly

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