Why Aren’t You Watching These Excellent Shows?

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In this peak TV era, there are simply too many shows on the air.

While there's more selection than ever, the caveat is that many shows are criminally underrated.

We've compiled a list of the shows we think deserve far more recognition.

Scroll down to get up to speed, TV Fanatics.

1. Class of '07 - Prime Video

Class of '07 - Prime Video
Not to be confused with the terrible Class of '09. This Prime Video comedy with a post-apocalyptic twist boasts an excellent cast, including Caitlin Stasey, Emily Browning, and Megan Smart. The world is ending thanks to an apocalyptic tidal wave and a group of women seek shelter at their high school campus. It's a lot of fun.

2. For All Mankind - Apple TV+

For All Mankind - Apple TV+
For All Mankind takes place in an alternate timeline in which Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov is the first human to land on the moon. The series follows the people who work for NASA as they attempt to bounce back. It features stellar acting, storylines that feel both timely and fresh, and awe-inspiring visuals that are only possible with a big budget. It's criminal that this show is not talked about more, and it strikes us as the type of show that would be at the top of the conversation had it launched on Netflix.

3. Nancy Drew - The CW

Nancy Drew - The CW
Kennedy McMann embodies The CW's iteration of the titular sleuth to perfection. The series is spooky, mysterious, and features compelling supernatural cases that sets it apart from the other shows in the genre. Oh, and it wouldn't be a CW show without some romance. Nancy Drew has it all, and it deserves much more recognition.

4. Platonic - Apple TV+

Platonic - Apple TV+
Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne reunite for this hilarious Apple TV+ comedy series about two friends who reunite after years apart. They may have changed, but their unbreakable bond and desire for chaos get them into some wild situations.

5. School Spirits - Paramount+

School Spirits - Paramount+
At first glance, School Spirits might come off as your run-of-the-mill teen drama with some mysteries. But the series blossomed into one of the year's best shows, thanks to its portrayal of teen adolescence in a way many shows could never manage. Peyton List headlines as a school girl named Maddy Nears, who is stuck as a ghost at her school, aka the scene of a crime.

6. NCIS: Hawai'i - CBS

NCIS: Hawai'i - CBS
For some reason, the latest entry in the NCIS franchise has been overlooked. One of the best aspects of the series is that it sets itself apart from its predecessors, and in many cases, the characters are far more intriguing. With NCIS: Los Angeles gone, we're hoping more eyes will be on this one.

7. The Sex Lives of College Girls - HBO Max

The Sex Lives of College Girls - HBO Max
It's rare for comedy series to actually be funny, but this HBO Max series about young women in college has a witty script. The show subverts expectations with ease, and it deserves a lot more recognition than it gets.

8. Heels - Starz

Heels - Starz
In a sea of excellent drama series, Heels towers above most. The Starz drama is headlined by Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig, and boasts one of the finest supporting casts on the small screen. The series takes viewers inside the world of professional wrestling from the lends of Jack and Ace Spade.

9. From - Epix

From - Epix
From takes place in a nightmarish town that traps those who enter. There are strong science-fiction elements nestled in with some horror, which sets the show apart from everything else on the air at the moment. It is toplined by the incomparable Harold Perrineau, and you should start watching RIGHT NOW.

10. Mayans M.C. - FX

Mayans M.C. - FX
As a spinoff of Sons of Anarchy, you would think Mayans M.C. would get significantly more buzz. The beauty of the series is that it doesn't feel like a cash grab. The Mayans were compelling on the original series, and have managed to sustain an action-packed series for the past three seasons.

More people should be talking about it.

11. Silo - Apple TV+

Silo - Apple TV+
Silo kicked off with one of the best series premieres in TV history. It subverted expectations at every turn and has only continued to deliver sci-fi greatness as the series has progressed. Headlined by Rebecca Ferguson, this show should be high on your watch list.

12. Kin - AMC+

Kin - AMC+
Kin got off the ground running and didn't stop for air. The drama about an Irish crime family seeking vengeance following the murder of one of their own was one of the best shows of 2021, and didn't get the recognition it deserved. That can be remedied when the second season launches, but for now, you should catch up and join the conversation.

13. Cruel Summer - Freeform

Cruel Summer - Freeform
Anothology series Cruel Summer returned with its second season in 2023, and going by the social media interaction alone; it isn't reaching the same success as the initial chapter, which is unfortunate. The latest mystery is stellar, and the cast is throwing it out of the park as the mystery intensifies.

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