Antonia Thomas

Antonia Thomas is a singer and actress who first came to fame on TV screens as Alisha on the series Misfits.

She is best known to fans as Dr. Claire Browne on the ABC hit series The Good Doctor.

Thomas can currently be seen on the AppleTV+ series Still Up where she plays Lisa, an insomniac questioning the direction of her life and relationships.

Role Show
Lisa Still Up
Birth Date:
London, England, UK

Still Up Quotes

Lisa: I saw this ad for some new pills called Snoozers. Extra strength for proper insomniacs. I should see if I can get some while I’m here.
Danny: No, don’t. They don’t knock you out. They just make everything taste like cabbage.

Lisa: So, is that your plan for the next month? Every time he’s outside, you’re just going to crawl around in the dark?
Danny: Yeah, I’m committed now. And, you know, on the bright side, think of all the money I’ll save on lightbulbs.