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Joelle Carter has appeared on shows such as Three Rivers and CSI: Miami. Her role on Justified is her first starring stint on a series.

The actress is married and was raised all around the country, as her father was in the army. She moved to New York after her sophomore year of college to pursue modeling full-time, including campaigns with Elite and Wilhelmina.

She currently resides and works in New York.

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Ava Crowder Justified
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Joelle Carter Quotes

Ava: People don't know...if I sleep in a nighty or buck naked.
Raylan: I can answer that.

Ava: You're tarnished with the dark stain of divorce.
Raylan: My marriage ended a little bit more amicably than yours.
Ava: Funny, why did your marriage end?
Raylan: It seemed like a good idea at the time.