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Kristoffer Polaha is an American actor known for his work in television and film. He has garnered attention for his versatile roles and engaging performances, making a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

He has been married to actress Julianne Morris since 2003. They have two sons.

Polaha's career includes a mix of TV shows, including Tru Calling, Ringer, Castle, Condor, and Harlan Coben's Shelter.

One of his notable roles was in the series Life Unexpected, where he portrayed the character Baze, a complex and flawed but ultimately endearing character.

You may have seen him in Jurassic World: Dominion or Wonder Woman: 1984, as well as many movies for the Hallmark family of networks. He often takes on roles that showcase his charm, depth, and ability to connect with audiences.

In addition to his television work, Kristoffer Polaha has also appeared in a range of TV movies and independent films, as well as big-budget flicks like Jurassic World: Dominion or Wonder Woman: 1984, displaying his versatility as an actor. He's been known to tackle characters with emotional depth, portraying their struggles and triumphs with authenticity.

Polaha's acting style often involves a balance between charisma and vulnerability, allowing him to portray characters with relatable qualities that resonate with audiences.

Role Show
Nate Bazile Life Unexpected
Henry Gallagher Ringer
Birth Date:
Reno, Nevada

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