A Deadly Adoption Full Trailer: Will Farrell & Kristen Wiig Fight For the Perfect Family

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We still don't know what to make of Lifetime's A Deadly Adoption.

Let's face it, Lifetime movies, while dramatic, are never all that realistic. Add in Will Farrell and Kristen Wiig, who are not exactly known for their dramatic chops, and we're a little skeptical.

Still, this trailer follows in the footsteps of the original poster and the teaser trailer, which attempt to showcase a family in turmoil. They thought they had the American dream by the nose, until Jessica Lowndes' character led them astray with her apparent psycho turn as a pregnant woman who wants to steal the life of Wiig's character, husband, child and family home included, from the looks of it.

Honestly, there is absolutely no way we're not watching. And while we'll be really surprised if it's an honest attempt to pull off a Lifetime original in the vein of all of those that have come before, we don't believe we'll walk away disappointed, as there hasn't been a Lifetime movie without Farrell and Wiig that's been anything but entertaining.

Are you in? Do you believe it's a serious look at what happens to families who try to adopt and get taken in by the sexy mama's trying to steal a life for themselves without the hard work that goes with it, or will it be tongue in cheek? Let's hear from you!

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