American Horror Story Promo: Fake News!

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We are just a few episodes into American Horror Season 7, and already it's becoming as clear as day that none of these characters are as they seem. 

On American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 5, Beverly Hope will continue to bring mass hysteria to the people of Michigan with a string of fake news reports. 

Beverly AHS 7X05

This will put her on the outs with Bob, who will be mourning the loss of Emma Roberts' Serena who was taken out by Kai, Meadow, and Harrison. 

With Kai's mission continuing to garner traction, will he add any new additions to the team, or is it time to press on with the plan?

Elsewhere, Ivy will be forced to come clean to Ally about a past indiscretion, but is that one that involves her and Winter? That would make a lot of sense when you consider the surprising connection they share. 

Ally Has a Gun! - American Horror Story

Ally will continue to grow paranoid, and we get to see her about to shoot someone from her window. Don't worry; she should have much better accuracy this time around. 

Meadow is seen peering in the window, but is that all a ruse to make Ally think she is going crazy again?

Have a look at the full trailer below and join us October 3 for the full review of the episode. 

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American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 5: "Holes"
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