Arrow Season 2 Trailer: You Better Pray

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Oliver may have lost the battle, but he will win the war. So he declares in this awesome new promo for Season 2.
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Arrow Season 2 Episode 1: "City of Heroes"
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Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

God, um, you... You're really sweaty.


Oliver: If we're gonna do this, it has to be about Tommy. I need to be the man he hoped I could be. Now you two have helped me take the first step.
Felicity: So what's step two? I'm game for anything as long as it doesn't involve skydiving, and I'm pretty down on landmines now, too.
Oliver: The city still needs saving, but not by The Hood. Not by some vigilante who's just crossing names off a list. It needs something more.
Diggle: It needs a hero, Oliver.
Felicity: It's too bad The Hoods kind of ruined your nickname.
Oliver: No, it's good. I don't want to be called The Hood anymore.
Diggle: Okay. So what do you want to be called?