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It's almost time for us to return to the crazy life of Jenna Hamilton and we couldn't be more excited. 

Awkward Season 5B kicks off on Tuesday March 15 at 10/9C and it looks like there is a LOT of changes in store. 

For a start, in a move that is sure to rile fans up, Jenna and Matty are no longer a thing. Then there's the fact that the drama picks up one year after the end of high school. 

It looks like Sadie has done a lot of maturing, but she still has her sights set on Sergio. 

Oh and Matty may or may not have a kid. That would be a crazy twist because we highly doubt that there's any way it could be Jenna's. 

Might he be babysitting for Jenna's parents? We have no idea. 

Jenna looks like she's changed, too, but will she have changed too much to get back with Matty?

That will be the million dollar question as we watch the final episodes. 

What will become of your favorite characters? You'll need to tune in to the show when it returns. 

Remember you can watch Awkward online, right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up on all the laughter now.

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Awkward Quotes

Jenna: This year would be my year. For once I wouldn't be overlooked not with Matty at my... backdoor!
Matty: Oh sorry, I slipped.

For 15 years I fantasized about everyone noticing me as I walked down the hall. What would I be wearing? Would every guy worship me? Would I be five inches taller and have porn tits? No, that was not my reality. My moment in the spotlight sucked some serious ass.