Doctor Who Promo - "The Woman Who Lived"

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The Doctor broke the rules by saving Ashildr, now he's got to pay the piper.

Having grown bitter watching everyone she cares about die, the immortal girl takes on the identity of ‘The Knightmare,’ a treacherous thief in 1651. Can the Doctor talk some sense into his old friend, or is Ashildr too far gone?

Will she be forced to work alongside the Doctor to track down an otherworldly loot? Who is the ‘The Knightmare’ in cahoots with, and can the Doctor stop a massive betrayal in order to protect Earth and mankind?

Find out next Saturday on Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 6. Don't miss it!

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Doctor Who
Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 6: "The Woman Who Lived"
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Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

The Doctor: Why are you still alone? What happened to the second immortality charge I gave you?
Me/Ashildr: No one's good enough.

The Doctor: Ashildr.
Me/Ashildr: That's not my name. I don't even remember that name.
The Doctor: Well, what do you call yourself?
Me/Ashildr: Me.
The Doctor: Yes. You. There's nobody else here.
Me/Ashildr: No. I call myself, Me. All the other names I chose died with whoever knew me, Me is who I am now. No one's mother, daughter, wife. My own companion. Singular. Unattached. Alone.