Longmire Season 4 Trailer: It's How You Come Back That Matters

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Walt Longmire and Vic Moretti have always had a special bond, and that doesn't appear to be changing for Longmire Season 4.

Vic promises to do whatever it takes, say whatever Walt needs, if only he'll tell her what the hell is going on.

How long into the new season will it be before we know what the hell is going on? The trailer promises even more secrets, while Walt talks of second chances and that it's not that you come back but how you come back. Surely how you do it has something to do with beginning to tell the truth. 

If he gives it a stab, can he get those around him to follow suit? 

We'll be tuning in to find out what happened between Branch and his father and to find out definitively who was responsible for the death of Walt's wife. How about you?

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