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There's a new killer in town, but what are they holding against Audrey?

Scream Season 1 closed with the jaw dropping twist that Audrey was contacting Piper. 

We don't quite know why she was contacting her, but based on the crazy trailer ahead, you can bet your bottom dollar that somebody does. 

Who could it be?

Could it be one of the fresh crop of teenagers that have joined in the fun for Scream Season 2?

The trailer dropped during live Facebook Q and A, which was spear headed by Bex Taylor Klaus and John Karna. 

They also shed some light on what to expect for the season and their big idea that Scream 5 should be a crossover with the TV series if it ever comes to fruition. 

Other key moments from the blood soaked trailer include Emma returning home after a hiatus from her day-to-day life. 

We can't blame her. 

It's not every day you wake up to find you have a sister who just happens to be murdering your friends. 

It doesn't get much more crazier than that, right?

It sure seems like it could. 

Emma has some crazy dreams about a child in a barn who may have murdered someone. 

Might she have come across Piper in her younger years and blocked it out to deal with the trauma?

There wasn't nearly enough Brooke and Jake, but there is once scene with Brooke covered in something very red. 

We so hope that's ketchup and not Jake's guts!

Either way we look at it, the first season of Scream appears to have barely scratched the surface and it looks like we're in for another killer summer. 

The trailer did reveal that the show is airing at 11/10C. 

Unless that's a typo from MTV HQ, it seems like Scream will be airing later than normal this time round. 

Are they burying it at this time to up the gore, or kill the show?

We'll need to tune in to find out how it all goes down on Monday May 30!

Remember you can watch Scream online right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up now before the new kills kick off!

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