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Scream is back and we have the first look at what's coming up this year. 

If Scream Season 2 Episode 1 wasn't enough, the trailer ahead has everything you need to find out how the rest of Scream Season 2 is going to play out. 

If you thought that Brooke would take Jake's death well, you're mistaken. 

There's a scene with her fully clothed, screaming from the pool. 

Then there's a scene of her getting hot and heavy with the new Sheriff's son. 

Those kids in Lakewood sure move on fast, right?

Based on the trailer, it's evident that Emma isn't scared of the killer anymore. 

In fact, she pretty much runs after them with a chair. She's done being the girl that gets everything taken away from her. 

Noah, Zoe and Audrey seem to be getting well acquainted. 

They indulge in a three-way kiss. That's not going to go down well with the killer. 

Unless of course one of them is the killer. 

Audrey would be the prime suspect just based on her association with Piper. 

Will that tidbit of information be revealed to her friends before the season concludes?

Probably and it will probably put Audrey right back to where she was on Scream Season 1 Episode 1

That's what you get for helping a psycho murder the teenagers in your neighborhood!

Another scene that you'll furrow your brow at is one that involves Kieran apparently dying. 

Last year, the trailer gave away a little too much about who died, so I'm guessing this is all a ruse to make us think he's gone for good. 

That won't be the case. 

Remember you can watch Scream online right here on TV Fanatic. Get caught up with the latest drama!

Note: Scream Season 2 Episode 2 airs Monday June 6 at 11/10C on MTV

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