Stress Relief Sneak Preview #1

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A sneak preview of "Stress Relief," the post-Super Bowl episode of The Office.
The Office
The Office Season 5 Episode 13: "Stress Relief"
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The Office Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Jim: Several times a day, Michael says words that are way beyond my vocabulary.
Michael: I know where this is goin'.
Jim: Do ya?
Michael: No.
Jim: Ok. Remember Spider face?
Michael: No.
Jim: OK. 'Cause the quote was, cut off your nose to spiderface.
Michael: Spite her - okay.
Jim: Yeah.

You know sometimes, to get perspective, I like to think about a spaceman on a star incredibly far away. And, our problems don't matter to him, because we're just a distant point of light. But he feels sorry for me, because he has an incredibly powerful microscope, and he can see my face. I'm okay. No, I'm not.