Supernatural Season 11 Trailer: The Darkness is Coming

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Is there even a God in heaven anymore?

I've lost track, but after unleashing The Darkness (terrible name, by the way), Sam isn't above asking the big guy for a little help. 

When Cas looks like a demon (and is acting accordingly) and Crowley is decked out like a priest, Sam's probably right heading to the chapel for a little help. However, watching the rest of the trailer for Supernatural Season 11, it doesn't appear to do much good.

And what a peek at the new season it is. There's rocking music (of course), an impending threesome with a couple of ladies beckoning someone to them on a bed, too many of those we love strung up and tortured and Dean, well, being the Dean we love. Ghostbusters!

All of this is set to against some classic horror graphics giving the whole trailer a really groovy and upsetting feel. Can Wed., Oct. 7 just hurry up and get her already?

If you are in the dark about what's occurring, watch Supernatural online to catch up!

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