The Flash Season 2 Episode 8 Clip: The Lovers

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You'd think that with all the excitement surrounding Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall a gal would take to Google to get the scoop before things go down, right?


This clip from The Flash Season 2 Episode 8 sure is revealing, though. Did any of you who haven't read the comics see this coming?

Kendra is a reincarnated princess named Chay-Ara and Carter Hall a prince named Khufu. The two of them have been in each other's past lives for 4,000 years!

Vandal Savage is their arch nemesis and has killed them in every past incarnation, sucking them dry of their powers, becoming ever more powerful himself in the process.

While Carter says he's Kendra's best bet at surviving, Cisco points out that if he's batting zero, he'd go ahead and place his money on Team Arrow and Team Flash working together to save her instead of Carter's lame ass. 

Alright, I embellished a little bit there, but I think Cisco would approve.

What isn't cool is Barry's cocky confidence. If someone can't be defeated after 4,000 years of trying, it's hightly unlikely you're going to be successful your first time out of the gate. You'd best take it seriously.

And, since we know Vandal Savage carries his badass self over to DC's Legends of Tomorrow to terrorize the future legends, there won't be a successful attempt on his life during this two-part crossover! But still, let's watch and enjoy.

Who feels sad for Cisco already, knowing he's going to lose any chance he had at Kendra before it even started? Say it together before you watch the clip...AWWWWWWWWW!!!

Tune in December 1 at 8/7c and be here shortly thereafter for a full review!

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 8: "Legends of Today"
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Felicity: Felicity, the magnetic arrow gag will never work. Ha. Yes, it will my love, because I am really smart. And guess what, Oliver, it DID work!
Oliver: Felicity, honey, it's a little hard to fight with you doing that in my ear.
Felicity: Oh, I totally forgot that this was an open line. Keep doing what you're doing. Make smart decisions.

Security Guard: Who taught you that, Houdini?
Vandal Savage: Actually, I taught him.