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A little over Mach 2? Not good, according to Harry. Zoom is over two times faster than Barry. Something tells me no treadmill would be able to keep up with however fast that is. Harry assures Caitlin they haven't tried everything just yet.

A couple of sailors are chatting. Vandal Savage was stowed away on their ship. That's weird. He stabs everyone, pictures Hawkgirl in a vision, says there will be another sacrifice and walks away.

Barry, Joe and Patty are looking at the evidence of the stabbings.

Kendra has cooked dinner for Cisco as a kind of thank you for how great it's been to hang out the past few weeks. Vandal Savage breaks in and starts talking about Princess Chay-Ara. Cisco tells "Highlander" Kendra isn't going anywhere with him. Cisco has put out the distress call to Barry. And when The Flash saves them, Cisco outs Barry. Whoops. 

Kendra is in on the secret. After hearing about the Egyptian connection, Barry decides they should take her to Team Arrow to get some help with the mystical side of things. Damien Darhk is keeping them quite busy, of course, but hey, they're all friends. 

The fight scenes and the introduction of Darhk is a good way to introduce Arrow to those holdouts who are wary of watching The Flash. Some goofy Felicity, big bad Darhk, badass Oliver and mysticism and Flash.

The Flash whizzes all of Team Arrow away from Darhk, making Diggle throw up. He's annoyed. Every time, he says. Thea is just surprised. She didn't know they knew the Flash.

Cisco is disgusted by the lack of detail paid to the specs he sent over for their new digs. No copper wiring. It's a travesty.

Kendra gets introduced around as Cisco's new beautiful friend who he kisses occasionally. 

When Oliver can't get Kendra to understand the severity of not knowing her connection to Savage when Team Arrow is not built out of metahumans, Cisco asks him to take it down a notch and Felicity suggests they all go to their place and have some drinks.

Back in Central City, Harry chats with Caitlin about the drug he's been working on for years to enhance Jay's speed. Unfortunately, he's not a bio dude. Aha! Caitlin is a bio chick. They can work together to make it work.

Cisco and Thea talk about changing her nickname. He reminds her of his body of work to date, but she likes Speedy. She's just jealous his conditioner is so on point. Felicity and Barry chat about what's gone on in the last six months. And Patty. Felicity is making pigs in a blanket. Barry and Oliver talk about Felicity, being at peace and how guys like them can get the girl.

Cisco tells Barry about his vibe on Kendra. He doesn't want to tell Kendra he has powers because he's never felt like this before. He doesn't want to sabotage it. Vandal Savage breaks into the window. Damn. That was a nice window. A knife fight and an arrow fight ensues. Vandal has a weird fan that he uses to ward off arrows. Thea isn't afraid to shoot Vandal where it hurts. Of course, he's not dead, but she struck him good.

Back at the Arrow lair, Cisco tells Kendra he can vibe. And for goodness sakes, Malcolm turns off the electricity and appears in the room. What the hell?

Back in CC, Jay is pissed because Harry wants to use him as a guinea pig. Caitlin doesn't want to do bad things, but Harry wants to press forward pissed Jay or no pissed Jay.

Meanwhile, Malcolm is talking about immortality and the inability to save Kendra. Julius Ceasar and stuff.

Patty sees Harrison Wells in Central City. Uh oh.

Cisco tells Kendra he understands what she's going through and promises every day gets a little more normal, but then Hawkman swoops down and takes her away. "It's me, Khufu." She starts vibing on him as an Egyptian. They're kissing and stuff. He tells her she needs to emerge, and she'll remember. He flies away 

Oliver is shooting him with arrows from his motorcycle. Barry makes tornado arms and Hawkman falls to the ground. He lightnings Hawkman and the guy is down.

Back in CC, Patty walks right into STAR Labs and shoots Harry. WTF? How was she able to walk in? Caitlin tells her to call Joe ASAP. Why didn't Joe explain it to him?

Vandal Savage has hunted down and killed Chay-Ara and Khufu 206 times. Nobody is impressed with that track record. Barry just wants to find him and get rid of him. Malcolm appears again. Barry says, "Is that the only this guy knows how to enter a room?" He's adorable.

Khufu says Chay-Ara need to emerge now. Can't he please show her how?

Caitlin needs Jay's help to save Harry. 

How does Chay-Ara emerge? She jumps or falls off of a high rise. Apparently instinct will take over. She gets ready. Khufu pushes her. Her wings seem to emerge, but Barry saves her. Then Oliver realizes where the staff is. They need to go to Central City. And Chay-Ara needs to think about her true self so she can emerge.

Caitlin gives Jay Velocity-6. He has to phase through Wells' chest to get the bullet or else he will die. Weird. Lotsa weird stuff going on.

Kendra gets up on the building to jump. She needs to embrace her destiny. 

Oliver and Barry enter the church for the staff, but Savage is already there. They're in Barry's city now, so Oliver wonders if Barry has any ideas. While they're fighting Savage, Kendra takes flight. Savage feels it. Barry and Oliver get out of the church just as the church blows up. 

Cisco names Kendra Hawkgirl.

Jay wants Harry to thank him by keeping Velocity 6 away from Barry. Why, though?

Diggle rallies the troops. Oliver wants them in Central City.

Oliver and Barry in Jitters. Oliver sees The Flash coffee. a little boy knocks into him and his Flash toy falls out of his hand. The boy's mom? His old girlfriend.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Felicity: Felicity, the magnetic arrow gag will never work. Ha. Yes, it will my love, because I am really smart. And guess what, Oliver, it DID work!
Oliver: Felicity, honey, it's a little hard to fight with you doing that in my ear.
Felicity: Oh, I totally forgot that this was an open line. Keep doing what you're doing. Make smart decisions.

Security Guard: Who taught you that, Houdini?
Vandal Savage: Actually, I taught him.