The Leftovers Season 2 Trailer: Chaos for the Chosen

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The closer we get to go time, the better The Leftovers Season 2 looks. 

When details of the season first started rolling out, they focused on the characters we came to know in The Leftovers Season 1 moving to Jarden, TX, to start fresh. This latest trailer is a bit of a gut punch when it comes to the residents of Jarden and what their lives have been like as a result of being spared heartache during The Sudden Departure.

Their town has been thrown into utter chaos. They have a turret at the entrance to town to (we assume) keep peace at the entry point, which is an hours-long process just to buy a t-shirt. We can only imagine what measures people must take to move into the town permanently.

I guess we're going to find out.

This new spin on those who lived in Jarden before the departure and those we know who are arriving really sets up an interesting dynamic for what lies ahead. It looks like the season will be amazing!

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