The X-Files Promo: What If Everything Was a Lie?

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"What if our work, The X-Files, everything we've been led to believe in, has been a lie?"

Oh Fox, we worry for you so! Surely you're not going to stop believing, not now!! And yet it seems that's exactly what he's doing in the latest television spot for The X-Files revival.

And while Scully introduces herself and her partner just like in the old days, we also get our first glimpses of some of what are probably cases of the week types, including a young girl (you can tell by the flowery stuff, not necessarily herĀ face) and a guy who appears to be covered in snot...ewwww.

The lucky people who saw the premiere at NY Comic Con said it was out of this world. Do we take their word for it or was it crowd reaction? Oh, heck. we're going to be just as excited if we're watching alone on our couches, right?!

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The X-Files Quotes

Mulder: Air's gettin' a little hot in here.
O'Malley: Oh. Those don't roll down. I had the vehicle bulletproofed.
Mulder: Because you never know when a gun-toting liberal might go Hinkley.

Scully: I'm always happy to see you.
Mulder: And I'm always happy to find a reason.