Grey's Anatomy Receives 11 Emmy Nods

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The nominees for the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards have been released and Grey's Anatomy garnered an impressive number of nominations -- 11 -- ranking just behind the dozen earned by 24. Both shows are nominated for top Outstanding Drama Series along with The West Wing, House and The Sopranos.

The awards will be handed out August 27 on NBC. Among the Grey's Anatomy nominees are two principal cast members, a trio of memorable guest stars, and a pair of writers whose creative influence has been the driving force behind the show's soaring popularity. Here's the full list of awards the show us up for...

  1. Miranda & CristinaOutstanding Drama Series
  2. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series -- Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang
  3. Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series -- Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey (right)
  4. Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series -- Kyle Chandler as Dylan Young
  5. Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series -- Kate Burton as Dr. Ellis Grey
  6. Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series -- Christina Ricci as Hannah Davies
  7. Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series -- Shonda Rhimes, "It's the End of the World / As We Know It" (Parts I & II)
  8. Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series -- Krista Vernoff, "Into You Like a Train"
  9. Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series
  10. Outstanding Makeup For A Series (Non-Prosthetic)
  11. Outstanding Makeup For A Series (Prosthetic)

Hoping for a more diverse slate of nominees than in years past, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (which oversees the Emmys), nominated a handful of old and new favorites but not the last year's major winners. Lost and Desperate Housewives were nowhere to be found in the major acting categories or the best series nominations for their respective genres.

Hannah Davies & Meredith Grey
While it's disappointing that Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington weren't nominated for Outstanding Actor, it's nice to see Sandra and Chandra get recognized. Guest stars Christina Ricci (with Ellen Pompeo, left) and Kyle Chandler, both of whom starred in the two-part episode following the Super Bowl, made quite the impression on voters -- as did Kate Burton's recurring portrayal of Dr. Ellis Grey. Series creator Shonda Rhimes is also up for top writing honors for the two-part "Code Black" drama, which sparked the show's mid-season ratings climb.

Here's hoping for an Emmy sweep... or close to it. The most awards Grey's Anatomy could actually take home would be eight, as three categories have multiple nominees! Congratulations to all!

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i think all of the people associated w/ grey's and grey's itself up for an award deserve to win! what a great show!


i can't wait for the awards! grey's is such a great show and i hope they win as as many as possible!


It is a travesty that Katherine Heigl did not get a nomination.


They Emmy's on this Sunday?


i am ticked that patrick dempsey did not get a nod. that completly blows. but otherwise, the nominations are perfect. chandra wilson and sandra oh right on. kyle chandler, kate burton and christina millian all deserve the nod as well.


Are the Emmy's on the same channel as grey's anatomy? And I can't beleive either that meredith and derek didn't get any nominations!:o


i swear to god, if "into you like a train" doesn't win for writing, i'll kill someone. and kate burton has to win for ellis grey. it's up against some killers for outstanding cast though. and drama series is always tough. i think i have to root for sandra oh over chandra wilson. but all together, YAY!




I totally agree with Darla on Jeffrey. I glad to see the show got 11 nominations, which is awesome. While i wish the show,"good luck"!!!


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