November 14: The Day of Reckoning

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Kellie Pickler
Mark it on your calendar, fans.

November 14 will be the day of reckoning -- as well as a day likely to see heavy record sales across the U.S. American Idol winner Taylor Hicks will face off against two of his formidable counterparts from the Fox series once again, as his debut album is released right alongside the efforts of runner-up Katharine McPhee and the always-giddy, newly-signed Kellie Pickler (pictured).

Not only will this mark the first time that Idol finalists have shared a release date, but all three will be crooning for RCA Music Group, having been signed by Idol creator Simon Fuller.

Along with Chris Daughtry (also signed by RCA), the three artists have been all over the news and the digital downloads charts already, so the November release date will be an interesting test of who has the biggest fan base. Unless fans just want to buy all three CDs of course. Good luck to all.

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The record company is trading on Taylor's popularity to sell the CD's of the other contestants. This stinks and shows utter disrespect for the AI winner. Why bother being the winner if you can't debut your album alone? From Simon to RCA Taylor has been dissed and maligned...hey, lets give them all a record contract and make winning totally useless. I am livid that Clive Davis is allowing this to happen...he's senile. I will buy Taylor's CD and he will have a smash hit (if thet don't mess with his style).