Clay Aiken Fans Eager to See Their Man

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They came for the voice. They stayed for the man. They buy many tickets really, really fast!

Yesterday, tickets went on sale to the general public for the only Clay Aiken appearance scheduled this year -- at least that is known, as of this posting. Aiken enthusiasts, known for being the most loyal of all Idol fans, were true to form in bringing yet another in-house ticketing system to its knees.

Clay is slated to perform with several Symphony Orchestras across the U.S. this holiday season, with only a December 9 concert in Williamsport, Pa., officially scheduled so far. According to insider sources, fans alerted the venue in advance that Clay Nation has a reputation for crashing ticketing systems, but the location wasn't concerned.

As it turned out, except for a few seats that were sold online before the official start time of 10 a.m., all the rest were done via phone. Memo to future concert sites: Do not underestimate the power of Claymates missing their Idol and looking for tickets en masse.

Clay's new CD, A Thousand Different Ways, is scheduled to be released September 19. We're no math geniuses here at AIW, but we think that's only 35 more days away! Holla!

The One and Only Clay

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I have gone to all but 2 of Clay's live concerts and I hope with every ounce in me that I never have to miss another one. He is soooo entertaining. At each concert Clay may follow the same song list, but he makes each concert different from the last night with all his enteraction with the audience. That is why it is hard not to try to see more than one for each concert. If I could I'd be at every single city. I am wating on pins and needles for A Thousand Different Ways. That title is so perfect for him, as he performs to us in a 1000 different ways making each show unique in itself giving each city it's moneys' worth.


Clay's fans were spoiled with 6 tours in less than 3 years, then this year we've been in what we call a "drought", not having seen Clay since December. Knowing how explosive he is live, we're more than ready (and ravenous) for tickets to any appearance he makes!
Box offices around the country: you've been warned!


Clay as the most beautiful voice in the world.He is a great performer. I went to 5 jukebox tours and 6 joyful Noice concerts. Each time it was like seeing it for the first time. Clay was born to be on stage. Venues take warning when your're told Clay Nation is on the move for their man. I sure many more sites will be crashed.


For those that have seen him we know how amazing he is in concert. He has such stage presence, humor, snarkiness, he knows how to command the stage. He was born to be on that stage he makes this look like he has been doing this for 30 years. I for one want to see him again.
This wasn't the first site we crashed and it won't be the last. Clay is not one Hot man in demand.