Fantasia Teams With NFL Player to Found Beauty Salon Chain; Proceeds Will Benefit Single Mothers

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The Charlotte Observer reports that a member of the NFL's Carolina Panthers, his sister, and an American Idol champion are launching a chain of beauty salons, from which they hope to earn significant revenue and donate the proceeds to single mothers.

Fantasia Barrino: An Inspiration & Humanitarian

The project's driving force is Rosalind Beaty, sister of Panthers safety Mike Minter. Charlotte resident and American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino will be the third partner.

Their first shop, Imaj Salon & Spa, is scheduled to open in Concord, N.C., this fall. It's going in across from Concord Mills mall at the Colonnade at King's Grant shopping center, next to the Little Dooey Barbecue & Blues restaurant.

The group hopes to franchise the store and channel all of its profits into establishing a faith-based, non-profit home in Cabarrus County. The home would be for single mothers who need to get back on their feet.

Fantasia, who recently starred in a successful TV movie about her own incredible life story, continues to branch out in terms of her career aspirations. It's great to see this star, whose American Idol rags-to-riches we all know, use her good fortune to help others in unfortunate situations. She continues to be an inspiration to us all.

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I commend you on this idea of the salon and having the proceeds go to this worthy need. I would like to get with you to talk about providing all natural botanical products for the salon and how you can earn FREE products for the stylists! Please visit my website http://www.amazingskincare4u.m... and let me know how I can assist. I can also send out samples of the products that range from babycare to massage oils! Don't hesitate to give me a call (480) 326-1171. God Bless you on this project! Peace,
Bernetta James
Arbonne Independent Consultant


I have follow the progress of several of these types of programs and even supported many over the years but a I have yet to see any signifcant work done by many of these "Superstar saints". As noble as it may seem to us as viewers the truth is marketing agenices use these "heart sensitive issues" as a way to regenerate/prolong the career of thier clients. Finacial mangers also use these types of ventures to "save tax dollars" on their clients larger than life salaries and living expenses, enableing them to retain more of their money at the end of the year. I have personal interest in this particular business venture because I have a client that left a very promising job to go and work at this salon. She felt that it would allow her a chance to become a "celebrity stylist". Even though she left her partner in business holding the bag at the salon she walked out on. I advised her to wait it out and stick to her guns at her own salon to no avail. In Cabarrus County alone there are a great number of non-profit organization that have play a great part in change the lives of the people there. Many churches and community leaders have paved the way for Mike, Rosalind, and Fantasia. Would it not had been just as noble for them to join with the community they do not live in to support the ever needful vision of these already great men and women. These men and women of God have hear from God started the vision and are waiting on God's finacial blessing to come through. Why not help finish that? What does it benefit us to keep starting over and never finish the work. What happens when the "Super saints" find that it is not profitable to them or their careers to be attached to this program will they stick it out or leave another unfinsihed work for the church and other rooted communiity leader to finish? Everything that sounds good isn't. God speed on this project, stay focused!


Hi Fantasia, I have taken the pleasure in reading your book and I must admit, it was a fantastic read. Why? Your life like so many young women in African American communities have shared some of the same struggles you have and it was a great read for you to share your life and also offer your wisdom and advice to others who long to know how to make it. I know that God has laid it upon my heart to help those who fallen in the traps of poverty, illiteracy and teenagage pregnancy due to life's circumstances. I am starting a non-profit organization called, CELESTE8 (Community Efforts Linking Expectant Students To Education, 8 (which stands for "New Beginnings). I am would love to use your book as a tool to bring to life struggles and to encourage pathways to success. As you mentioned so many times in your book that education is the key for change. Most of all your commentment and dedication to Christ Our Savior is the only one can make the changes in our life transforming and permanent. I look forward to meeting you some day. I would love for you to be a spokesperson at my annual fundraising event as I jumpstart the lives of young women like yourself. I can be reached at (408) 293-6292, 475 W San Carlos, #2101, San Jose, CA 95110 Ms. LaTanya J. Hodges, MSW
Director, CELESTE8


I think that the salon deal is a great idea. I am a professional nail care speacialist of a bout 4 1/2 years and an OPI educator for little over a year and, when I see great things like this happening in regardless to were it is it means alot to me. I would love to see one of those spas come to Columbia South Carolina which is were I am from. Fantasia became my idol after meeting her on American Idol and way long before she won the competion. I am stopped on a day to day basis because of people taking second looks at me believing that I am fantasia or could be her twin. It would be great if I could actually meet her in person along with the rest of her busines partners. I can't wait to experience the new salon in Concord. I travel through that way a lot for OPI. Great blessings upon your whole etire team. Please feel free to contact me (803) 609-3155