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Interns' Emmy Fashion Breakdown

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As three female interns on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith, Izzie and Cristina are very tight knit, despite obvious personality differences. Here's a look at the trio of actresses to play them -- Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh -- who were all on hand at last night's Emmy Awards. They all look, and are, terrific, as far as the Insider is concerned. But whose outfit is your favorite? Click to enlarge!

  • Ellen Pompeo at the Emmys
  • Katherine Heigl at the Emmys
  • Sandra Oh at the Emmys
  • Patrick Dempsey at the Emmys

Yes, we added a bonus picture of Patrick Dempsey. You're welcome.

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yea yea the girls look good and all.. but who cares really?
look at patrick! hes just so FABULOUS


Katherine is a goddess!


katherine looked sooooo beautiful (sp)


katherine looke sooooo beautiful


I love Ellen's outfit too! Totally gorgeous!


Katherine, Ellen and Patrick are stunning. I don't like Sandra dress... It's ugly.


oops. i thought by that picture ellen looked bad, but i saw the dress from a different angle, its fabulous.


I think that Ellens looked awful. but I think Sandra and Katherine looked stunning:)

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