Jillian Dempsey Will Serve as Consultant For Cosmetics Industry Giant

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Jillian Dempsey Will Serve as Consultant For Cosmetics Industry Giant
Avon Products, Inc., has announced a collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, a beauty industry icon and the wife of Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey.

Jillian, whose client roster includes some of Hollywood's freshest faces, will take on an enterprise-wide consulting role as Global Creative Color Director for the company, working to refresh and revitalize Avon and its flagship color brand.

The alliance with Dempsey represents the first time Avon has partnered with an outside makeup artist in a role of this kind. The cosmetics giant will collaborate closely with her in a campaign to refresh its shade palettes, launch limited-edition seasonal color collections, as well as new product concepts, beginning in Spring 2007.

"Avon was the only beauty brand in my house when I was growing up. I've always known it was a global beauty leader. As a makeup artist, I am passionate about helping women recognize their own beauty, and so it's an honor to collaborate with Avon and embrace their philosophy that every woman can have great style," Jillian said.

Mrs. Dempsey is well known within the cosmetics industry as one of the most talented, influential artists in the field. Jillian's career has taken her around the world -- from Hollywood to London, Paris and Tokyo -- and she has worked as a key makeup artist in films, TV and in the music industry.

Her work has been featured throughout the pages of countless beauty and fashion magazines, including Allure, Elle, Marie Claire and Vanity Fair. She resides in Los Angeles and Maine along with Patrick and their young daughter, Talula.

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I am new to Avon this summer (2009) I see in one of our brochures the Jillian Dempsey eyeshadows on sale. Lucky her! working with all those famous people! Lindea in Canada


ps.... no se ingles pero me encanta mucho la serie de gre's anatomy
yo siempre aquidiro estudiar medicina me gusta mucho y quiero estudiar de todo tengo que hachar ganas y estudiar y es mucho bueno espero que llege medicina.bueno espero le gusto mi comentario jijijijijijijijijijiji.....




Patrick Dempsey's wife here looks like edie britt from desperate housewife...


Well first off Welcome to Avon. Thanks so much for your input. I would also say I love your husband as Dr. McDreamy. Huh love the show. Huge fan have seen it since day one. I am so excited for you to be contributing to this wonderful company. I love not only selling Avon but using it as well. I am fairly new to the company but I am a well devoted fan to the show. Love what you guys do. Keep up the good work. #1 fan of Both!


I am a 3 year Avon rep. Saw Patrick on a talk show the other day talking about wife Jillian. Could have sworn I heard him say she is now Global colorist for Avon and M.A.C.?? I have always held a suspision that the two brands are related, due to formulations and colors. Anybody know this for a fact? Maybe Patrick was saying mark (avons other brand) with an accent. Sounded like M.A.C.


I am a farily new Avon Representative. I am very excited to see where this will take us. I totally LOVE Grey's Anatomy too!!! Awsome.


Wow look at Mrs. Dempsey. Scwhing.


Yes, you guessed it.......I'm an Avon Representative..I'm new but I love it, it's the greatest thing in the world!! And I'm also a devoted Grey's Anatomy FAN, HUGE!! I won't miss a show...so needless to say YEAH!!!! To Jillian Dempsey!! WELCOME!!


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