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Taylor, Elliott & Bucky Rock the Viper Room

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Hicks at the Viper Room in HollywoodYesterday, we reported that Taylor Hicks (right), Bucky Covington and Elliott Yamin skipped out on their American Idol tour after-party in L.A. to hit up a more serious music scene -- and pick up some industry cred.

The trio snuck away to perform at the notorious Hollywood rock club Viper Room. According to, Taylor jammed with the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, along with members of his own band, playing harmonica while taking shots on stage in front of a sold-out crowd.

This crowd wasn't interested in hearing any pop covers or standards, and Taylor Hicks proved he's more than a gimmick, drawing raves from the audience. Nice!

Elliott and Bucky (below, left) also got in on the action to the delight of the packed house which included tons of screaming fans... ones slightly older than the audience at the Staples Center earlier in the night.

Bucky hung with his wife Crystal, while Yamin was joined by his model girlfriend, Jamie (below, right).

As far as Taylor, when he wasn't on stage or fending off members of his Soul Patrol, he retreated to the confines of the closed-off VIP room.

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  • Elliott Yamin & Girlfriend Jamie

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hi elliott. i love you. i hate your girlfriend(no offense) think about it elliott.


oh and another thing... looks arent everything! HAVE YOU HEARD THIS GUY SING? speaks for itself! Doubt he has problems gettin any girl! HAHA wanda is just mad because shes a single heffer and cant get a man


this guys singing is amazing I dont care what anyone says! He had great lyrics also


i love elliot i think hes cute!


wanda, you're a stupid bitch. i really hope you read these comments. have a shitty day


Wanda, Speaking of trolls, I'm guessing you've got one pinched between your legs, because I think you might need to shave your filthy c*nt. Just an opinion. Scooter


Wanda, everyone seems to think that idol is based around looks and talent. you seem to be no better then Simon. Looks are not what thier looking for. Take Ruben for example, the show took so much slack the 1st season from Simons comments about "big" & "ugly" people not being a star, that in my honest opinion i believe Ruben only won by people voting who were out to set simon wrong. I am not saying Ruben can't sing, because the guy can and he's very nice looking as well. American Idol is looking for SINGING talent. If people want to base upon looks then they should tune into some show like Americas Next top model. Americas top model doesn't ask them to sing, so why should Idol ask the singers to look like a model. All talent shows are looking for different things. It's a discrace that the general public these days base looks on everything. All people have hearts and feelings. Everyone hurts the same. Also from my understanding, he has been with his girlfriend for 3 years who is also from Richmond, Virginia. Read up before you critisize.


actually wanda, elliott has been dating her for 3 years!


No big deal that "model". Her type is very common in any
southamerican's country, specially in the poorest zones;
+ she looks vain, jaundice, ill (maybe hepatitis or something worse?).
Poor, poor elliot, he's not grounded and/or focused on in his
improvement/career. Behaving like a wild child in a toystore.
pity...pity, quite painful to watch...


wanda you are an idiot sure Elliott is more
beauty than you bitch!