Aiken, Fans Angered By Sawyer's Invasive Questioning

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In the second installment of a two-part interview on Good Morning America, Clay Aiken clashed with Diane Sawyer for asking him whether he is gay.

"I don't understand why you want to know. I don't understand why it's any of your business. At some point, [the question] becomes just really rude, you know?" he said Thursday.

Aiken, Fans Angered By Sawyer's Invasive Questioning

Clay Aiken has, sadly, been the subject of gossip about his sexuality ever since he became a star on American Idol in 2003.

Sawyer went right after him, asking at the top of the interview if he was "ready to come out and say you're gay."

"That would not make sense for me do to that," Aiken said.

"You think I'm rude for asking?" Sawyer asked.

"I've gotten to a point where I feel it's invasive. Forget it. What I do in my private life is nobody's business anymore, period. I don't think you're rude because I figure people have a job to do," replied Aiken, whose album, A Thousand Different Ways, was released this week. "I just don't understand why people care, to be honest with you. anymore... This is a waste of my time."

Sawyer's questions, understandably, drew criticism from Clay's fans and gay groups.

"Media speculation about people's sexual orientation is not something we support," said Damon Romine, an official of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). "Coming out is a very personal, private decision that needs to be made by the individual."

GMA viewers also expressed their outrage at the treatment of the former American Idol star and global humanitarian.

"A person has a right to his or her privacy," one viewer wrote on the GMA message board. "Clay is trying to preserve this. I agree with him. What difference does it make?"

"Clay Aiken seems tired and beaten down by this issue," wrote another viewer. "People with no lives buy into the media speculation on his sex life ... Now, Mr. Aiken sees this is a no-win."

Seriously, can't people leave Clay alone? This is a man who gives so much back to the world. If he were gay, that wouldn't change any real fan's opinion of him. More importantly, it's no one's business but his. Personal privacy is a basic desire, and one Clay certainly deserves.

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I have this inkling that DIANNE briefed CLAY about the quetions that she'll ask, during the interview. However looking at CLAY's facial expression when asked about his sexuality that's invading his privacy. I admire CLAY for being firm and direct. I just hope that he'll be consistent with all his anwers about these ugly rumors. I'll always be 100% behind him.




A very important fact seems to have been left out of this article: the fact that Clay has ALREADY ANSWERED this question numerous times with a "NO". He is tired of answering truthfully and not being believed. And it is true that it is nobody's business !! He was asked directly after AI and answered "no", in the Rolling Stone Article he answered "no", and in Diane Sawyer's Prime Time Interview in 2003 Clay answered yet again with a "no". What is this obsession with GAY. I just heard Oprah on Larry King saying that she was not going to answer this question (are you gay?) any more, because she has answered "no" so many times in the past and nobody believes her. What is everybody's problem? Just because someone is not married, has a close friend of the same sex, or is not dating at all does not mean they are gay! Get over it! The fact that Clay has already answered this question "no" over & over should not have been left out of this article. It appears to me to be a deliberate attempt to make Clay look bad.
Leave him alone. He's a good person and does not deserve this!


If Clay is so straight, why wouldn't he just say so. It's pretty obvious he takes frequent trips on the Hershey Highway.


all you people including clay need jesus


Really, who cares? Why is everyone so caught up on whether a person is gay or not? Does that make them a better or worse person? Does it change who they are and what they're about? Would it change how they run the country or how they do their job? NO! Big deal! Your gay, you're not gay, who cares!?


Just because he's dated girls in the past doesn't mean anything. There are plenty of MARRIED men that are gay. I'm not saying one way or the other. It's none of my business.
But you'd be nieve(?) to think he's straight just because he's dated girls in the past.


Seriously, it doesn't make sense that he's gay. If you read the mans book, then you would know that he has dated girls and likes girls.