Q & A With Sara Ramirez

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For years, Sara Ramirez was the actress whom Broadway insiders consistently pegged for breakout success. She found that success, winning a Tony Award for her role as the Lady in the Lake in Spamalot.

Q & A With Sara Ramirez
Then she found it again, joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy (which begins its much-anticipated Season 3 Thursday) as orthopedic surgeon Dr. Callie Torres, love interest of hapless intern George.

After guest starring as Callie last Spring, Sara was promoted to full-time cast member this summer.

Recently, Ramirez spoke to New York Magazine's Jada Yuan about finally living large on TV. Here's the interview:


New York Magazine: They’ve signed you up for the full year, so clearly things are going to work out with George.
Sara Ramirez: I wouldn’t be so sure. I know they’re keeping me around, but I don’t know if it’s for George.

New York Magazine: Were you a fan of the show before you signed on?
Sara Ramirez: Oh, yes! As a Latin person, I was really proud to see the ethnic people on the show. I thought, Wow, there are no color limits. Nobody’s making comments about how there are African-Americans on the show and an Asian on the show. However, I did think, Where’s the Latin person?

New York Magazine: A lot of fans hated your character because they wanted George to wind up with Meredith Grey, the show’s lead.
Sara Ramirez: You do run across a lot of people who are extremely invested in that story line. Obviously, I’ve heard some negative stuff.

New York Magazine: You joined the show in the middle of the second season. Did you feel like an outsider?
Sara Ramirez: The weird thing about working in television is that you only see the people that you’re in scenes with. It’s not like you’re all running around the set together. So if you’re going to hang out together, you kind of have to make an effort. And I think people have families, people have lives.

New York Magazine: Were you beginning to think you’d be doing theater forever?
Sara Ramirez: I’d been in New York for about 12 years, working my butt off. I just went where the work was, and because of my voice, that was Broadway. But I’d grown disillusioned with the theater scene. I’m 5'9", and people didn’t know where to put me, a tall Latin woman. They were like, “Well, you can sing really good and you can act okay, but you’re not black and you’re not white. We just don’t know who to cast you as.”

New York Magazine: Was there pressure in going from stage to TV to change your appearance?
Sara Ramirez: Not at all. I actually gained a lot of weight when I started to do Grey’s Anatomy. Doing eight theater shows a week, girl, is such a workout. But with TV, you’re, like, sitting in your trailer waiting to go to the set. And there’s catering and craft service every place you look.

New York Magazine: Between you and America Ferrera on Ugly Betty, there’s a mini-boom for curvier, “real” Latin women.
Sara Ramirez: Absolutely. I’ve spoken to America several times at events about how funny it is that we’re on TV, and how cool it is to represent a group of women who aren’t stick-thin. I know my boyfriend loves to have something to hold onto. There’s a lot of men out there who do.

New York Magazine: Now that you’ve dealt with both, which fans are more rabid, Monty Python fans or Grey’s Anatomy fans?
Sara Ramirez: Monty Python. They show up in costume.

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Sara ramirez makes the show...your husband is one lucky man....meeting her would be like going 2 the moon without a space helmet,my heart will stop and I'll die.coz I would wanna be her friend even if it was life threating!


Really though? Latin is not a race. Mexican...not a race. As far as I see it this woman looks more black than I do and my daddy is black.


Like I said before, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES. She's the HOTTEST looking woman on the show. And no I'm not related to her.


I think Sara is a HOTTIE...A FOX...FINE LOOKING WOMAN. Any idiot who think she needs to lose weight doesn't know what a real woman look like or feels like. REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES, NOT SKIN AND BONE.


I think Sara Ramirez does an absolutley AMAZINGG job playing Callie. She is def one of the best characters on the show!! I love that you are representing Latina's in such a positive light!!
Keep it up girlll!!


Dude. Sara ramirez has soo much talent and I love the diversityh she adds to the show. And I deff think she's the hottest girl.


Sara is HOT, I'm pretty in love (in that TV sense) I would be delighted to play DR with her any day...


What I like about how they write Callie's character, is they don't make a big deal about her curves, they don't treat her as "the big woman", she's just another sexy, hot female, this show shows all the different types of sexy bodys-there's skinny like Meredith, or toned like Cristina, busty and curvy like Izzy, curvy like Callie, and sort of toned and slim like Addison. And they all look great! :)
And I thought the scene with her dancing in her underwear was awesome!!


Okay first of all, I think she and Addison were/are the hottest women on the show, or maybe Izzy too, I dunno. but either way, callie is one of the most gorgeous ones, she is sexy and curvy, and a beautiful face.
Second, if you don't like her curves, that's cool, it's personal taste. but she doesn't "NEED" to lose weight, it's not her RESPONSIBILITY, it's none of our business how she looks, it's up to her, she's not a little toy for us to control. if people told me to lose weight, i'd tell them to piss off, it's HER body, just cause she's on tv, doesn't mean we own her appearance!!


You people are crazy if you think she needs to loose weight. Sara, you are georgous! You look healthy! What REAL women should be like!

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