Eric Dane Graces New TV Guide Cover

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Eric Dane in TV Guide
The weather's getting cooler, but the newest TV Guide, which features Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane on its cover, is steaming up.

Dane is part of the magazine's "Hot List," in which 25 sensations of the coming season are profiled. Here's what TV Guide has to say about Dr. Mark Sloan, a.k.a. McSteamy:

HEAT SOURCE: Look no further than this season's second episode, in which Eric Dane (a.k.a. McSteamy, or Dr. Mark Sloan) emerges from Addison's hotel bathroom in a cloud of steam. And not much else.

"I had a towel on," said the real-life husband of actress and Vanished star Rebecca Gayheart. "We also had to use double-stick tape." Ouch!

Although he became a water cooler obsession after hitting on Meredith and getting punched out by Derek last season, Dane is a familiar face on the big and small screen. He appeared in the medical drama Gideon's Crossing, spent two seasons on Charmed, and played Multiple Man in last summer's blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand.

WHO HIS CHARACTER WILL ANNOY MOST: Conventional wisdom says it's gotta be McDreamy, right? If last Thursday's "What I Am" is any indication, don't be so certain.

"I couldn't answer," Dane jokes, "not without having to kill you."

Spoken like a true, full-time Grey's Anatomy cast member, which he now is. We all know Shonda Rhimes' penchant for secrecy.

ON GETTING SUCKER PUNCHED: "I don't think Mark has a glass jaw by any stretch, but he certainly deserved what Derek gave him," Dane said. "What he did with Addison doesn't make him the best friend, but there is a set of circumstances that perhaps don't make the affair okay, but in some way validate everyone's actions."

So how did Mark suddenly appear in Addison's hotel room?

"I think Addison called and he came. New York to Seattle is not too far to go for a woman like that. Mark is always a phone call away," he said.

Besides being a little too available, Dane is adamant that Mark is not a sociopath.

"But he doesn't have too much of a filter. When he sees what he wants, he goes after it. Mark Sloan is misunderstood. He is more apt to give a burn victim a new face than augment someone's breasts. He just doesn't like to sleep alone. And personally, I can't blame him."

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omg no!!mcsteamy is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy better than mcdreamy.mcdreamy is so last 2 seasons!!!there should be a national mcsteamy day!!


great, now i have to go and buy this one to. lol


I don't know about Mark/Addison love interaction. They aren't my interest. I'm totally MerDer. They are meant to be and I hope they will get back together. Derek wasn't the one for Addison. I agree with Jeannie when she wrote that Derek is Addy's Finn. Derek chose wrong when he chose Addison. Same words for Addison with Derek.


Last Thursday Addy's speech to Mer explained, I think, that McDreamy was actually Addy's Finn, the safer choice, while McSteamy is HER McDreamy. Derek loved her and she loved him, but Mcsteamy gets her hot and bothered and drives her nuts in a way that she doesn't like because it overwhelms her and like a lot of people Type A, she doesn't like things outside her power. This would also explain why she's letting Derek go and protecting Meredith. She never gave Derek his shot at a Meredith like relationship because she 'settled' for Derek (I know, impossible you think) and was able to love him, without actually being as nuts about him as he appears to have been about her. Having him be inattentive to Addison and then having Addison vulnerable to Mark all makes sense. It also makes sense that Mark would be the guy becuase Addison is probably drawn to a certain type of guy and likewise, best friends would be drawn to the same type of woman. I DO think that this was put together after the fact. Last year I don't think that McSteamy was meant to be Addison's nemesis, but with both characters so incredibly appealing to the audience that the writers had to write them in, they had to make
extenuating circumstances that would enable the audience to forgive both of them for betraying Derek.


Eric's character McSteamy fits in real well. One minute you love him and the next you want to choke him. But our McDreamy is still ahead in the lastest GA Insider poll.


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