More Clay Aiken Album Speculation

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The USA Today American Idol blog has an intriguing range of comments on the general topic of Clay Aiken's album sales, which we discussed yesterday.

More Clay Aiken Album Speculation
Widespread reports of insufficient stock at retail stores, conflicting accounts of many of his fans buying multiple copies, the feeling that his record label, RCA, and its CEO, Clive Davis, have abandoned Clay -- there's no shortage of debate about our man and his musical direction.

The covers concept for Clay's new album, A Thousand Different Ways, has taken some criticism in the media, and if you are among those who believe it's hurting Clay's sales, Davis certainly must take responsibility for the idea of the album.

But on the flip side, Clay has talked at length about the concept and why he believes in it, so who are we to say?

What we really find fascinating are the reports of RCA abandoning Clay, who has been a strong revenue-producing artist, but again, we're not exactly privy to the internal politics of the relationship there.

Maybe Clay Aiken could truly thrive if he escaped RCA and made a different sort of album? Maybe the superstar-level sales are still on the way? It's all conjecture at this point, honestly, but the ongoing debate is certainly interesting and we'll continue to follow it.

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Clay has so much more potential, than what he is currently delivering. However; he became famous and gained a record deal through a reality show. Even though he is no longer on the contract of American Idol, he is still a "puppet" and a strategy. He only has limited decision making in anything he does. This is what happens when you get a record deal through a television show. It seems too good to be true and it is (as there are many plusses), but there are minuses too.


Oh and... 6. Promotion. Airplay. etc. I have never heard any new songs from Clay's new album at all on the radio. He does talk shows, but there many that don't watch those shows or follow Clay religiously to know he is on those shows.


Clay Aiken is quite possibly the best artist from American Idol, however; I believe the following reasons why the CD "A Thousand Different Ways" is NOT selling: 1 - He waited 3 years to put out a sophmore album. When he was on AI, it was early 2003. It is fall of 2006. Some of the fans have assumed he would be a "one-hit-wonder" and kind of moved on. 2 - An album of covers. He has more covers than original songs. That is never a good idea. Also, the covers are very boring and not upbeat. They don't showcase his potential at all and make him seem rather "karaoke". 3 - This album is not even close to being as upbeat as "Measure of a Man" and Clay promised many people that he would put out a more upbeat album next time. He put out the opposite. 4 - Obsessed fans of other artists are immature and fear threatened by Clay, so they call in different stores and ask to hold CDs. They, then, go into stores and hide the CDs and some people even resort to the lowest of the low and breaking them. (Apparently this was caught on tape) 5 - This scandal, the rumors, etc are not having a good impact on some of the type of women Clay attracts. Most don't believe the story, but there are people that do and have seperated the man from the music and chose to believe the lies and shut Clay out, regardless of how good he sings.