Round Table: "Oh, The Guilt"

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This week on the Round Table, Cristina bails out Burke, Izzie refuses to deposit $8.7 million, Addison throws Derek for a loop, and the staff works on a case involving a precarious piercing ...

Should Callie have told George about hooking up with McSteamy?

Dr. George O'Malley
McCritic: Grey isn't just the last name of an often self-centered intern, it's also an area in which many relationships are found. And it seemed as though Callie and George were smack in the middle of that questionable status when she got her McSteam on. But with the O'Callie union over for good, no, there's no reason for Dr. Torres to have revealed to George that she left her Mark earlier in the week.

AwayWithMerDer: I really don't see a reason for Callie to tell George. It was after the relationship was over (whether George realized it or not). Why hurt the little guy anymore?

iheartizzie: If she were planning on trying to reconcile things with him, then yes. George would have a right to know in that case. But if that breakup was for good, which is what it's looking like, then telling him would only serve to humiliate the guy.

Married-to-McDreamy: No. If she told George, he probably wouldn't have noticed anyway. George didn't seem phased by Callie's break-up, so there is no reason for her to waste energy on being honest with him or trying to make him jealous anymore.

Harder to believe: Someone not cashing an $8.7M check, or someone getting their piercing imbedded in... you know.

iheartizzie: Not depositing the money. Come on, Izzie. No one says you have to use the money if you don't feel you deserved it. But by letting the check sit there and collect orange juice stains, you're costing yourself at least $348,000* annually.

* -- assumes 4.0 percent APR on a money market savings account.

AwayWithMerDer: I'm actually going to say the middle-aged real estate agent getting a piercing down there in the first place is the hardest to believe -- but mighty entertaining anyways!

Married-to-McDreamy: Not cashing a check for $8.7M! The piercing thing is understandable. We all like to spice things up a bit now and then. But why not at least accrue some interest on that check, Izzie??

McCritic: Izzie just wants to taunt her roommates with the check on the fridge for a bit. I can understand that. But I would never pierce my privates. Or sleep with my married ex-wife. Or sell real estate. I just don't get any of that story line.

Will Dr. Burke ever operate on his own again?

AwayWithMerDer: Who needs to operate alone when you have a great right hand (wo)man like Cristina? I say they become a surgical duo.

Burke Addresses the Staff

Married-to-McDreamy: Let's hope so. This calm, cool, and collected cardiothoracic surgeon needs to work through the tremors and rehab his hand so that he can amaze everyone with his mindblowing surgical skills again. Or perhaps he should take over as Chief of Surgery and let Richard go back to his wife?

McCritic: Yes. He's not fine right now, that much is clear. But Preston will press on, Burke will buck up, the heart surgeon will show that he doesn't merely operate on that part of the body -- he exudes it at all times.

iheartizzie: Their little arrangement worked great in this case, with Dr. Burke letting Cristina finish the suturing "to build experience." But what's going to happen if she's not present, or if Dr. Yang messes up, O'Malley-style? Preston isn't confident he can save the day solo, so this can't become a regular thing. If he can't go it alone, his days as a surgeon may be numbered.

What is Derek's deal?

Married-to-McDreamy: I actually don't blame Derek for his silence in the elevator with Meredith. He just received some shocking news and was still reeling from that. He'll come around. Maybe.

McCritic: He's a drama queen. There should never have been a debate between Addison and Meredith in the first place -- one slept with your best friend, the other was sweeping you off your scrubs. But Derek made it out to be an issue of his character somehow. Same now. Sure, it sucks to find out more about Mark and Addison. But you're in love with Meredith, right? Moving forward with your life? Then act like it.

AwayWithMerDer: Better question -- what is Meredith's deal? McDreamy just found out his ex-wife and ex-best friend didn't just have a fling, but a relationship behind his back. This was eating up Derek inside. He came into the elevator with tears in his eyes. And what did self-absorbed Meredith do? Talk about her breakup with Finn, of course. Derek, you deserve better. And it looks like from next week's previews, you may get just that!

iheartizzie: I'm not sure. The revelation about Mark was certainly upsetting, but if the woman he loves is Meredith anyway, wouldn't you think he'd be a little excited to hear that McVet is out of the picture? He said he chose wrong when he chose to take Addison back. Regardless of what her relationship with Mark consisted of, he's a free man now. Enough of this perplexed brooding. Pick, choose and love Mer, already. Go get our girl!

She Wants Him
... and He Wants Her

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oops.. typo in my last post. I meant Meredith! sorry.. yeah. Derek is in love with Meredith. My mind was thinking too fast than my fingers could type. I was thinking of the next sentence before my fingers could finish with the current one. hehe.. sorry. Yup. Derek is in love with MEREDITH. Addison is/was/kinda still hung up on MARK and, according to 'From a whisper to a scream', kinda has a 'thing' with ALEX.


this episode has been over for a while. haha. but i still want to comment. Derek is in love with Addison. Addison was (but i believe, kinda STILL) in love with Mark (oh, and now she's kinda smitten with Alex too.) They have other people in their lives now. But I don't think the other is out of theirs. You might've moved on.. you might have other relationships, other loves, other crushes. But being married for 11 years... being someone's friend for even longer than that... and once considering that someone the love of you life.. it's not something you get over in weeks or months... You'll always have that person in your heart and whatever she or he does or did will still affect you in some way.


I think George will turn gay in the show.


Hi Benny, I so agree with you! They are my favorite couple, too, and I want them to be happy in their own kind of goofy way. As confident as he has always been as a surgeon before the shooting, don't you love how vulnerable he is about her. When he stopped her on the stairway in season two to talk about whether they should tell the chief that they are seeing each other. He looked so unsure of himself when he said they should tell the chief unless there was some other reason that she didn't want to admit to their relationship at all. So sweet. And of course she came through and said in no uncertain terms, "We are a couple." I loved it. After Izzie's thanksgiving dinner when he tells her his mother owns a restaurant in Alabama and he is inviting her to tell him personal things and she talks about removing the wishbone from the guys throat that he swallowed whole (not all that personal, but something), he looked so in love with her. They both have the most expressive faces. You can read every emotion before either one of them says a word. I am looking for more of that this season. More moments when you just want to say, awwwww, how sweet. Too much trauma and not enough sweetness so far this season, I think. I want tenderness. Well, either that or fire. They do both so well when they get the chance.


Burke is my favourite character and I hope he will operate again on his own.
He and Cristina are an amazing couple, I want them to overcome their difficult moment.


After watching this episode, i'm left to wonder how the plot is going to develop for the coming episodes of season 3. I hope the writers of this show still have a lot of creative juices to wow us. I mean we can sort of predict what is the probable outcome of the relationships, the character developments and all that kind of stuff. There is a high chance that derek will end up with meredith, burke will recover and definitely be with christina, izzie will devote her life saving people's heart, addison will soon disappear with mark..and blah blah blah.. but i really hope that the plot would not be as square as whatever i've just said. Still i have faith that shoda will come up with more twist and turn to complicate the lives of these interns. who knows grey's anatomy will stretch till season 10.. hahaa.. or maybe that's just wishful thinking. but whatever it is, i hope the next episode will give me more reason to continue to watch GA..


OK, AwayWithMerDer, Meredith didn't know that McDreamy had just gotten a massive piece of shocking information. She wasn't being self absorbed, she was doing what she thought was right. Oh, and the woman in next weeks promos? That's McSister. As in McDreamy's sister.


I totaly agree with Burke Backer. This season sucks big time. I was one of those people that ran out to the store the minute season 2 went on sale and now i am starting to wonder why i loved this show so much in the first place. The season began alright but enough is enough already.
Supposedly Derek was in love with Mer - so much that he walked away because he thought that Finn could make her happier then he could. If he was so over addison and all why is it such a big consumming shock to find out that she and mark had an affair? and if it was because he missed out on so much with mer because of that then why was he so callouse to her in the elevator? I DON"T LIKE MCDREAMY ANYMORE!! Plain and simple. He acted so indifferent toward her when she was telling him something big. We all know how it feels to love someone. If he loved her that much, no matter what he had just heard from his ex-wife, he would have at least paid attention to mer in the elevator.
This is the first time i ever questioned them belongog together. i'm starting to really think that mer deserves better. i'm notever sure i want them to be together anymore because he is too emotional over someone he spent two seasons showing he didnt even care about.
i think i might find something else to do on Thursday.
(By the way, i heard too that the woman is his sister.)


Should Calli have told George? No, why should she? He has never been there for her when she has needed him. He is too involved with his roommates to actually be the guy she needs. They have no mutually exclusive agreement. If she told him, he would act like a big baby about it for a while and then go running everytime Izzie or Meredith call. Forget him, Calli. He can take his chicken and movies back to his roommates where his heart is. Believability? I definitely think it is harder to believe that someone would spill orange juice on a check for 8.7 million dollars and not get it to the bank immediately. Middle aged men do all sorts of bizarre things simply because they don't want to admit that they are middle aged men. Izzie loved Denny, or at least loved the idea of being in love with Denny. He wanted her to have this money. She needs to honor his wishes. He got the heart transplant. His subsequent death was not a result of anything that she did. There is no reason to feel so guilty that you don't cash the check. Besides she is bouncing around telling everyone she is rich. So cash the check already! Will Burke operate on his own again? I certainly hope so. I love that Cristina has found a way to help him, but he is Mr. honesty. It is eating him up that he hasn't been able to tell the Chief the truth. Maybe if he tells Derek, there is somethng more surgically that can be done to help him. Even when the family of the man who he and Cristina saved in this latest episode hugged Burke and thanked him, you could see he felt like he was being a fraud. He won't be able to keep this a secret. It just isn't in his character to be dishonest. His "you wanted me to be okay, I wanted to be okay" speech broke my heart. I wanted to shout, "we all want you to be okay!" because I agree. He IS Preston Burke and that is means he is a widely respected cardio-thoracic surgeon. If he can no longer operate he loses his identity. I love that Cristina is standing by him, but he needs to get well for his own sake as well as hers, as well as mine as a Burke Backer! What is Derek's deal? I found him very unlikeable for the very first time in this past week's episode. Talk about self centered. Serioiusly! He is a great neurosurgeon. Would he really be swayed by everything he hears from everyone? So what if Richard didn't have the courage to stay with Ellis? Does that mean he should be a coward? Who cares what Mark thinks? Derek never had an affair with his best friends wife or anyone else's wife. They are nothing alike. Who cares if Addision is suddenly concerned about Meredith? Meredith is willing to take the chance and it is no one else's business. Derek should know his own mind better than to be swayed by their comments. I thought Meredith was more than a fling. I thought he fell in love with her. He is divorcing his wife supposedly because he is no longer in love with her. Why would the revelation that Addison and Mark fell in love with each other have him acting in such an uncaring way towards Meredith. It doesn't make sense to me. For a show that I absolutely love, a lot of this season has not made sense to me. My favorite moment in all of season three so far took place in the last minutes of episode one with the "don't ever die", "I'll do my best" scene between Cristina and Burke. Nothing since has left me feeling good. I want to feel good about something at the end of each episode. Help!


Yes, Dr. Preston Burke will definitely operate again, solo and with Cristina on his right side. I love this couple! And IW and SO are just great!!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

ALEX: "Wasn't patient 349... Denny?
CRISTINA: "Eight million dollars could get us on a plane far far away from here."

COUNSELOR: "Derek says that neither of you brought any assets into the marriage."
ADDISON: "I had my trust fund, and a sparkling personality... uh, and a futon couch."
DEREK: "Yes, Addison had a very ugly, very heavy futon couch."
ADDISON: "Whatever happened to that couch?"
DEREK: "We gave it to Mark. She can have him."
ADDISON: "I don't want him."
DEREK: "Well that's settled. What else?"