Round Table: "What I Am"

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This week on the Round Table, McSteamy joins Seattle Grace, Izzie receives the surprise of her life, George and Callie break up, and Meredith is high on life (and morphine)...

Should Dr. Webber have brought McSteamy on board?

Richard Webber: The Chief
McCritic: Mark Sloan is the Alex Rodriguez of plastic surgery. The unmatched good looks, the unwavering confidence, the unlimited talent, the New York/Seattle connection. He's a top professional in his field, as the chief noted. But how has that worked out for the Yankees, Dr. Webber? Sloan may have succeeded within the confines of a private practice, but bring him into the public eye and watch him boot a routine case. He has to learn you can't spell "McSteamy" without "t-e-a-m."

AwayWithMerDer: Absolutely. Dr. Webber is running a business, and you need to separate business from pleasure. Unfortunately, the Chief had to make a choice: hire someone who's going to bring in a lot of money (twice that of Derek apparently) or make a poor business decision based on his relationship with Addison and Derek. I think Dr. Webber made a fantastic decision! This shouldn't shock us. After all, he did hire Addison.

iheartizzie: Last season, Richard chastised Derek for punching out Mark with his $2-million-a year hand. Based on the Chief's comments last night, we can assume Mark's hands are worth $4 million annually. Dr. Webber should consider taking out some insurance on these guys, because he's risking a massive financial hit if these former best buds should hit one another. [SIDE NOTE: How much are Dr. Burke's hands worth per year?]

Married-to-McDreamy: Yes. Despite the many distractions going on around him, Dr. Webber still takes his position as Chief of Surgery seriously and knows that bringing a nationally renowned plastic surgeon on board is a smart move. His job requires him to look past the personal conflicts and drama around him and make decisions that will benefit the hospital as a business. And Mark Sloan is that good.

Which couple will be back together sooner: Mark/Addison or George/Callie?

iheartizzie: George and Callie want each other badly, but communication problems are killing them right now. Unlike some people I live with, they're just not good at talking about feelings. But they'll be back. Soon.

AwayWithMerDer: Definitely Mark and Addison. Let's talk about how much Mark has been kicking butt. He sold his private practice and travelled across the country to work in a hospital (obviously for a fraction of the pay). He gave up everything for Addison. They'll end up together once Addison gets over herself. George and Callie? Not a chance. Come on, George doesn't even like Callie. I'm sick of his excuses. He's just not that into her. Callie, baby, you deserve better. Hopefully that night with McSteamy gave you back some of your confidence.

Round Table: "What I Am"
Married-to-McDreamy: I'd like to say Mark/Addison, because they sure make an attractive couple, and one never knows what might happen when both are residing in the same hotel. On the same floor. However, I have a strong suspicion that George will realize what a mistake he's made, will apologize to Callie, and will win her affection back (if she's not too busy with McSteamy, that is).

McCritic: As long as there's an available stairwell, on-call room or janitor's closet, Mark and Addison will find time for each other.

Did Meredith make the right choice?

AwayWithMerDer: Okay, I'm going to surprise everyone here. Sure, you'd think from my screen name I'm going to say no. However, I truly think she did. Sure McVet is the better guy and should be the better choice. But you can't control who you fall in love with. She's obsessed over her McDreamy, and deserves to live unhappily ever after with him.

Married-to-McDreamy: The right choice? No. The obvious choice? Yes. We all know that Meredith doesn't always make the most responsible decisions. We also all know that Derek has always been "the one" in her eyes and there isn't much that this man can do to discourage Meredith from loving him. Unfortunately, she tried to do the right thing by considering Finn, but clearly Meredith had to follow her heart. All I have to say is: Poor Finn.

McCritic: Yes. Love isn't about falling for the best person. If it were, women would simply line up outside monasteries across the world. The emotion is beautiful specifically due to its unexplainable nature, it's unbreakable hold on one's heart. Meredith really had no choice at all. She had to pick the man who sexed her up so well after a slew of tequilla shots the first evening they met.

iheartizzie: Meredith followed her heart, and it's hard to blame her, despite McVet's many positive attributes. What surprised me is that she didn't find it a little troubling that Derek bowed out. He doesn't want to hurt her anymore, so he walked away -- thus signifying that he's pretty positive he's going to hurt her again. Doesn't sound like a guy who's sure of where his life is headed. Am I wrong?

Meredith: The Center of Attention

What will Izzie do with the money Denny left her?

Married-to-McDreamy: She will donate it to establish a brand new cardiac wing of Seattle Grace Hospital named after Denny Duquette. And maybe pay off the medical school loans of her fellow surgical interns.

McCritic: Hello? Cryogenic freezing for Denny's head, of course.

AwayWithMerDer: Izzie is by far the kindest character on this show. I can't imagine she's even going to keep the money. She's either going to give it to Denny's family or donate it to chairty. The better question is what I would do with the money. Mansion on deep water, Italian super car (I haven't had the luxury to test drive any yet to decide which one), and a boat (again, same problem). Guess I should have proposed to some dying, rich girl in the hospital, huh?

iheartizzie: Hedge funds. You can't lose.

Izzie Stevens & Denny Duquette, Sr.

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this episode was so hysterical i was had tears in my eyes at some parts. morphined Meredith was the best, all her lines were so funny. i cracked up when she was talking to Addison and she forgot what she was talking about! i was a little upset that there wasn't going to be a Mcbaby at this time but i'm holding out since i've heard that one of the women will be knocked up by the end of the season. Addison's line when Cristina kinda yelled out when she asked Meredith if she was pregnant "oh great an adulterous love child." this was just a great episode as far as the quotes go.
McSteamy is going to be very good on this show brining a whole bunch of new drama. from the way George was treating Callie and not being there with her i am soo glad that she hooked up with McSteamy.


I missed the episode tried to watch it on the ABC full episode launch thingy and it failed me 1/2 way you guys ROCK...I've kinda pieced together what happened....was there anything else I missed....what happened to the prego lady?


what was with derrick walking out? that's not like him to not go for what he wants.
and then merideth telling finn goodbye.
does this mean she's left with nobody?


Hi Shawna. I agree with you. Those would be my couples, too. Let's hope the writers agree.
Should Webber have hired McSteamy? Absolutely! He has to think about the reputation of the surgeons on his surgical floor and Mark Sloan is a real catch. He can't let the hospital politics influence his decision. Should Mark have stayed is another question. I think he should. It was obvious to him, in fact he said it several times, that Derek was no longer in love with Addison. I think it will be just a matter of time before Addison can't resist Mark again. There is something stronger than logic going on there. Which couple will be back together sooner? Probably superficially Calli and George because she likes him and is lonely and he can't make up his mind. If she were smart she wouldn't take him back since his priorities are obviously not with her. But, I think for the long run, Mark and Addison. They have strong feelings for each other that have lasted over time. She jeopardized her marriage for him. He flew all the way across the country, sublet his appartment and sold his practice to be where she is. That says something about their relationship more solid than simply a sexual thing. I think they are a lot alike and hope that they get together. What will Izzie do with the money? I think it will involve the daughter that she gave up for adoption. I also like the idea that someone mentioned earlier about a cardiac wing of Seattle Grace in Denny's honor. Hopefully being a millionaire won't prevent her from going back to work. I miss her as one of the dynamic five interns. This will put a wedge between her and Alex though. I think he will not like the idea of her being rich. He's a little bit proud of the fact that he pulled himself up by his own hard work and intelligence. I hope they will ultimately get together, but don't think this will help their situation. I was surprised Derek walked away. I think he was trying to be the better man. Everyone was making him feel like he wasn't right for Meredith. We all know that he couldn't get her off of his mind before, and I don't think this will last long either, especially now that Finn is out of the picture. I agree with the writer above who said that we can't always chose who we fall in love with, and for better or worse Derek and Meredith are in love with each other. Finally, I am hopeful for Burke and Cristina. I hope that they can stay together through all of this trouble with his hand. Love is suppose to be in sickness and health. She stuck by him when she was sure that he would be "Preston Burke", "perfect" and that his hand would quickly heal. I want him to be perfect again, too. When he said, "I want.., you want...," I was saying in my living room "we all want your hand to be fine." Being a surgeon is who he is just like being a salesman is who the burn victim, Sean, is. Was there a parallel there in Bailey's speech about having a wife and friends who love him being more important that getting his face back the same as it was? I'm not sure. Sometimes things happen and you find away to go on in spite of the situation and it makes you stronger than ever. I hope that will happen for Burke and that Cristina will with him through it all.


What I love about this show is it deals with their good qualities and their faults. One minute you want to love them, hug them and cheer for them. Then in no time you want to smack some since into them. They give incouragment, love, and respect to each other. The next minute their hurting each other, fighting, name calling, and looking like they could tear each other apart. It's funny my family and coworkers have those moments too. That's why I love GA!!


What was with McDreamy walking away? I hope he goes with Meridith when she tells him she picked him and broke it off with Finn. And Callie taking McSteamy home, that's hot, but I think her and George are good together, what I think the couples should be Meridith & Derek, Addison & McSteamy, Izzie & Alex, George & Callie, Cristina & Burke, and I hope Finn finds a nice girl, Meridith is too "dark & twisty" for him. Does anyone agree with me??


What was with McDreamy walking away? I hope he goes with Meridith when she tells him she picked him and broke it off with Finn. And Callie taking McSteamy home, that's hot, but I think her and George are good together, what I think is the couples should be Meridith & Derek, Addison & McSteamy, Izzie & Alex, George & Callie, Cristina & Burke, and I hope Finn finds a nice girl, Meridith is too "dark & twisty" for him. Does anyone agree with me??


Thanks ravenigma. I didn't realize that the sweater Izzy kept wearing was the one she made for Denny. It makes me even sadder to think she would be wearing it all the time after he died.
I think we all know that Izzy is going to give most, if not all, of the money away. I don't see her keeping it because she isn't a material person.
I am glad, though, that they brought to attention the fact that Merdith and Finn never slept together. Given Mer's stormy past with Derek, I thought it was important in her decisson making process to remember that she is in love with Derek and never had a full, real relationship with Finn. He was a great guy but Mer would never have been able to make him happy because she would always have been pinning for Derek.
The thing I don;t understand is why Addison seemed so suprised that Derek and Mer finally got together at the end of season 2. Remember her breakdown and then her admitting to the chief that the only people that don't know Derek loves Meridith are Derek and Meridith. She knew they were in love but still pretended that her marrige was oaky and still continued to keep them apart. Why does she still get to play the victim card? If she had never cheated on her husband, he never would have met Mer and never would have fallen in love with her.
However, I don't think her re-uniting with the man who she cheated with is the answer. Addison needs a new man. A good looking new man.
Callie and George: I think Dr. Shepard said it best, "When something is over, it just has to be over." They aren't good together and they aren't cue together anymore. I don't know who said it, but it is a really one sided relationship. George just wants her around as a back up for when he feels lonely and no girl should be a back up.


This episode was a roller-coster ride. George and Callie breaking up, Derek walking away, the indecisive Meredith finally makes a choice, Finn got hurt, Burke's and Christina's relationship, McSteamy's back but Addison doesn't want him and Izzie finding some clousure(i hope). And not to forget that patient who obviously didn't know that oxygen + small flame = big flame.
I'm really glad that Meredith finally sees that Derek is the ONE! and she's basing her choice on love. so how can that go wrong. Derek didn't intentionally hurt Meredith like how Addison hurt Derek when he left Meridith. Derek wanted to make things right with his wife even though she betrayed him so how can he not be the better guy. And derek's decison to walk away was partly influenced by what Dr Webber said. But how can he compare their situation? Adele didn't sleep with someone else right! So of course the chief will feel guilty if he were to leave her because she did nothing wrong.
Callie and George won't work out. It's obviously a one-sided love. The fact that George is unsure and keep making excuses with Callie just shows he's just not into her. And Callie and McSteamy, i really hope it's just a one night stand because it's just not right to pair them up.
I just love Christina and Burke. They are going through a rough phase in their relationship right now and i'm glad Christina is able to handle the situation. It's really a test of their love for each other and i really hope their relationship lasts and Burke will be in full form soon especially with Christina's support.
About Izzie, i really hope she finds some closure and get back to the hospital soon. The money that she got would probably not be spent by her because she is too selfless. And did you guys realise that she keeps wearing the same sweater. Probably the same sweater in season 2 that she told denny to smell and denny said it smelled like Izzie.
Looking forward to the next episode! Especially looking forward to the Meredith and Derek situation.


My co-workers and I wasted many hours today plotting out how we want the rest of the season to go....Does anyone else wonder if Finn and Izzy will mend each other's hearts somewhere down the line this season???? I mean come on, McVet is too yummy to lose from the show...and he and Mer never slept together....both he and Izzy are good people down to the bone...can't imagine a better coupling!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

DEREK: "You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy. Somebody who doesn't complicate your life. Somebody who won't hurt you. He's the better guy. [pauses] Finn's the better guy."
MEREDITH: "Derek?"
DEREK: "I'm walking away."

ALEX: "Why not just cut me loose and let me in on a surgery where I might actually learn something?"
ADDISON: "Mark Sloan's burn case."
ALEX: "I'm going into plastics anyway."
ADDISON: "You think that Mark Sloan has anything to teach you? He's just like you. He's only looking out for himself."
ALEX: "So what? Your patient's looking out for herself, you're looking out for yourself."
ADDISON: "No, I'm not, actually."
ALEX: "Well, maybe you should be."

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