Round Table: "Sometimes a Fantasy"

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This week on the Round Table, Izzie stands outside, a Seattle hotel gets a lot of new business, Cristina tries to motivate a downtrodden Preston, and Meredith begs for better dates...

Plan the perfect date with Meredith.

Meredith: More and Better Dates! Stat!
McCritic: We'd go to whine country. Get it?!?

AwayWithMerDer: Me, at home, not on it. Meredith, at home, eating ice cream and whining.

iheartizzie: As Derek and Finn have shown us, Meredith enjoys everything from romantic dinners to walks in the woods to pony births, so you could go in a number of directions when planning the ideal date. The real way to this girl's heart, though, is through her liver. Tequila shots at Joe's, baby! Woooo!

Will Cristina's new, tough-love approach to Burke's physical therapy hasten or hinder his recovery?

iheartizzie: It can't hurt, as Preston certainly wasn't looking ultra-motivated last night. The guy needs someone to light a fire under his trembling arm. There's no telling how successful his PT will ultimately be, but at the very least, Cristina picked them up a three-month supply of chicken.

Cristina Wants Results!
AwayWithMerDer: I think Cristina's got it right. Once so tough and strong, Burke has become a whiny, sniffling shell of a man. Cristina needs to whip him in shape and get him recovering in weeks. Come on Burke. Months? Years? How much patience do you think we have?

McCritic: Hasten. You don't baby Dr. Preston Burke. This is a man who accomplishes more by 6 a.m. every day than most people do in a month. He needs to be kept busy, to be pushed to the maximum, in order to realize his true potential. A Burke on the couch is a wasted, perfect human specimen.

Which of that hotel's four new residents -- Callie, Richard, Addison and Mark -- will stay the longest?

AwayWithMerDer: I see Addison and Mark buying a nice trailer together. Sure they may rich doctors, but nothing beats a home you can just drive away in. Right, McDreamy? Adele will come crawling back to Richard. Where else she going to find another man like him? He'll be back in his home in no time. That leaves Callie. The poor girl lived in the hospital for how long? I'm going to call her bluff of moving out in a week. They might as well start charging her monthly.

McCritic: Mark and Addison in a tie (or maybe handcuffs). Neither one of these sizzling singles is ready to face the real world. They'll delay such a step for as long as possible -- and seem to know how to enjoy themselves inside a hotel room as they do.

iheartizzie: Richard, as he'll be the last to run out of funds. Addison and Mark are attendings, while Callie is a lowly resident! The Chief is not only at the top of the surgical food chain, but in his prime earning years. He could buy that place.

Does Izzie have it in her to walk through those Seattle Grace doors, or will she stand outside for another couple of episodes?

Denny: Gone, But Not Forgotten

McCritic: Izz, Denny wouldn't want you to waste your life standing in the Seattle rain. You have a choice now. You get to choose. The love of your life would want you to choose surgery. And celibacy.

AwayWithMerDer: Let's not forget how tough Izzie has proved to be in the past. The girl is from a trailer park! We need her back in there and starting her relationship with Karev back up. Sexy!

iheartizzie: It rains so frequently in Seattle that you have to think a cold, damp spell will force her to go inside one of these days.

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I understand your take on Meredith. Maybe disinterest is a good term for me, too. Maybe that is why I am so taken with Cristina and Burke's storyline, although I admit they had me in the first oncall room scene in season one when he had his shirt off and their affair started, so it didn't take a lot. Cristina is adolescent, too, in many ways. I think about the hot dog eating contest, always needing to be right. She is also selfish and driven. Are those characteristics pretty true of brilliant and accomplished people, I don't know, but the Calli speech may add credence to the idea that they never really grow up. I also remember Meredith's voice over about some people growing up but she had never really seen or met one. So, why do I find Cristina fascinating and Meredith less interesting? I think it is because Cristina's character is continuing to develop. The basic Cristina is there under the surface, but as the show progresses she has times of self doubt, times of caring more than she is comfortable with, and clearly she loves Burke even when she is annoyed with him, and from my perspective, who wouldn't! But, I think these parts of her personality are surprises even to her and give her dimension and charm. I do like Meredith. I think she has had many moments of being there for her friends and patients. She is obviously a caring person who has been broken by events out of her control (mother, father, Derek). She has a lot of pain in her life. I actually found it a bit harder to buy that accomplished, successful McDreamy would have the one night stand with someone he picked up in a bar more so than having Meredith (young, unsure intern) looking for some way to feel better about herself and her life. I don't picture her as 30. I see her still in her 20s, still trying to grow up and not making good choices all of the time. I know women like Meredith who use sex as a way to feel good about themselves. Her mother loved her work (and apparently Richard) more than she loved being a mother and her father left without a fight. Now the man who has pursued her until she finally reciprocates turns out to not only be married, but to be unwilling to actually leave his wife. How many times do you see that in real life? Too many, I think. It would be easy to see why she doesn't have a great deal of self esteem. I cared about their developing relationship that began in the way that may not be the best of starts for a lasting relationship. I didn't really lose interest until the whole Mer/Der/Finn thing which seems improbable to me. If she loves him, there is no choice to be made. If she doesn't love him, then what has she been crying about for two years! Derek had the true choice. He had two fantastic women, both of whom loved him. It seems he has made his choice. I wish the writers would just move on. I am not a huge Addison fan primarily because she stood between Derek and Meredith that for two years I saw as true love. Now that I am less invested in their relationship, I like Addison better but still think she is better with Mark, (hot, sexy, confident). Ah well. It's Thursday!! New episode tonight. I am hoping for another scene with Cristina curled up in bed with Burke's arms around her so that I can wish it were me. (grinning back)


Grin...Burke Backer,do not give me too much credit. I am STILL reeling from that shower entrance by Mark (was so tickled to be reminded that Dick Van Dyke's character was Mark Sloane on his mystery show!!). I can recall few cameos that have ever inspired such an impact! I think it is always a triumph when people of passion can come to discuss things with civility and yet keep the passion and not revert to trying to shoot others down or to be "PC". You're right. It says something positive that many of us return to respond when it's likely that all of us have other things we could be doing (should be doing?Grin), rather than commenting on a show which has virtually no real impact on our lives. Kudos again to the writers for the ability to inspire such interest. In response to something you said, I don't hate Meredith, (I agree, that it'd be a little nuts to actually hate these if it's a malevolent, sadistic, rapist murderer THEN I'll hate 'em, but we don't appear to have any of those on this show) I'm indifferent to what happens to her at present because she annoys me. She has somehow just descended to a very adolescent personality and I'm so over that period of my life and when I look back and see how "I" acted I just roll my eyes, so to see her behaving that way is completely boring for me. I also have an extremely hard time believing that a brilliant surgeon would fall for such an adolescent, but they're going for the 'star crossed' thing and I get that my view of things now is veering towards the old fashioned. Which is why I"m loving Addison. She is plainly NOT happy with her sleeping with Mark and is trying to avoid him, but is finding it very difficult. Ironically, it appears that she has something of a 'teen' moment herself this week as she finds herself unable to work around him. THAT kind of adolescence I find endearing. I think all of us are surprised when we find someone and as we fall we are suddenly thrown back into those young love feelings. ...and THAT is my problem with Meredith. At first with Derek they had that element going and I found it endearing and sweet and I loved it, but then when he broke her heart she started sleeping around and now with Finn and all of this...dithering...she's just appearing to remain an adolescent 'victim'. what is especially interesting on that score is that we are getting some insight that Alex may also be a 'victim' but he appears to be determined to overcome it and to tough it out. I far prefer that. He does something stupid, but then he suddenly does something selfless and proves he's growing...whereas Meredith is acting out adolescent all the time (not wanting to hang out with Izzy because she's not sure what to say, running out on Finn to go to Izzy as an excuse, acting rather amazingly shallow when faced with Addison's grief, telling Derek and Finn that they are going to have to compete when the only reason that she has them both is because Derek is living up to all the tension that SHE helped supply). It may come down to just how people see the influence of the past. My view is that once you hit 30 or thereabouts you make a choice and just accept what happened for good or bad in your past and decide at that point that your choices from now on have to be upon your own plate because whatever influence you had as a child you have been out in the real world enough to know wrong from right and what works from what fails and what is wishful thinking and what is reality. Having said that, the writer TOTALLY shows that my point is now how this show is supposed to go since she gave Callie that whole speech about doctors just never having had a chance to grow up since they were in med school. Unless they watched NO television and ONLY had friends in the medical profession and have NEVER taken a step out in the real world I don't buy that theory...but this show does so CLEARLY Meredith's behavior works for the viewpoint of this show..and is at clear variance with my own. I get that...Seriously.... Grin.


Jeannie, I think you are so right that it is the passion that people feel for the characters, whether hate them or love them, that keeps us coming back week after week to see what is happening in their lives. I do prefer a show though that puts the people I love into situations that I hate. I have to admit I watch each week to see what Burke and Cristina are doing and how their relationship is progressing. I love Burke. He is my ideal guy. I hate that he was shot. I hate that he isn't in the operating room, cracking his neck, and getting ready to save a life. So far he has gone through everything with grace and dignity. I am hoping that the writers don't turn him into someone so out of character as he goes through rehabilitation to get back the full use of his hand. I hated seeing him in a messy house reading the Star magazine. I believe in the goodness of this character and in Cristina's strength to help him get through this. Can you just imagine his first surgery? Will he be the incisive, confident, great surgeon that he was before the gunshot? I am so rooting for him and also for Cristina. There isn't any character on the show I hate. My passion doesn't run so much in that direction. Plus, to me every characterin this particular show has both good and bad qualities. That's the beauty of it. Some I like better than others and some I love. I also love your entries on the round table. I don't even disagree with them. You are a part of what makes reading the comments so interesting.


From a friend who actually has a celebrity for a friend I've learned that shows do sometimes read the more popular sites for shows. Are they reading this one? I don't know, it probably depends upon the number of hits and activity. As to how much they actually will act upon an audience commentary I suspect not that much, but as a writer, I can confirm that having people up in arms about a character, finding complexities and really giving them subplots and such, is a great testament to the success of the writer. Controversy breeds discussion and discussion means attention and attention means viewers. For all that we might think that hating a character means that the writers got it wrong, in fact hating a character is much better than indifference and people are less likely to tune out due to ire, rather than to boredom.


OmG oMg I so totally lub addi and mark together, they're just soooooo freakin cute! besides, they'd add so much more amusing tension in the show. They were totally my favorite couple this season. If meredith is really pregnant, then I might stop watching the show I mean, seriously?! But I think that its just a scare though... The chief might want to move into the same retirement home as Ellis Grey, while just sneak back and live in the hospital again. I so wish that meredith would just pick derek already like, seriously, its so obvious that she lurrrrrves him. if izzie finally gets it together and goes in the hospital then she'll probably get permanently assigned to addi, where her patients are all cute preemies that won't fall for her. i don't know how the hospital will function without burke so lets just hope that he reassembles that chicken alright.
mark+addi=soooooo cute


I am very familiar with Gray's Anatomy, the text, and get the double entendre. I also agree that this is a site for all perspectives on the show. That's what makes it fun. My biggest complaint about the show this third season is neither Meredith nor Addision. I still think Meredith has to chose Derek or all of the angst of season 2 is a sham. However, I really want to see more of Burke and Cristina. Their story line is there, but under developed so far in season 3, I think. I hope the new writers will keep the integrity of these two characters and not change them too drastically. Cristina always makes me laugh. I loved when she got Burke to kick Bambi out by walking naked through the house. So classic Cristina. Burke is a dream guy - tender, charming, talented, and sooooo handsome. I hope they keep Cristina's smart mouth and cocky attitude along with her vulnerable and loving side. I also hope they keep Burke ethical and kind as well as in love with Cristina. They are a great couple. Do you think the writers of the show actually read the emails on this site? Just wondering.


You simply cannot get mad because someone calls Meredith whiny, unless you are prepared to never diss a character who is somebody else's favorite. I don't know about anybody else but I liked Meredith very much at first, but then the WRITERS took her to a place that many of us disliked intensely. You know, many people who diss her DO relate to Meredith. We are seeing her make mistakes that some of us may have made or could have made but managed to avoid or, worse, did not manage to avoid. A fan site for one actress definitely should not have the character being dissed all the time, it would be no fun for the fans, but an ensemble show has different favorites and does not require, nor is it very interesting to have everyone on board. Again,t he writers DELIBERATELY are cultivating controversy with these characters and they WANT the love and the hate, that means that the characters are not just cookie cutter. Otherwise Christina, Izzie, Addison, Miranda, Meredith and Callie would all be the same and what would be the point of an ensemble cast? Most of us started watching this show for Mer/Der, but the writers, to their credit, stirred that up so that it was no longer a sure bet to go with the. On the other hand, Meredith's speech to the guys did make me hope that maybe she is going to try and take a higher road. I'm perfectly willing to like her again, but so far she has been perfectly annoying for me and for so many others. Perfect harmony has NEVER been one of hte elements of people who bother to post on message boards. As a matter of fact, over and over the profile of those of us who post is that we're a little bit mouthier and a bit more extreme than the normal population. Hopefully few are REALLY extreme, but the profile of people that post is that they are a bit more passionate, hence the willingness to actually get into it about an hour long program! =) Unless some of you are willing to never diss anyone else (and Grey's Anatomy is actually a play on words. Yes, Meredith Grey is a character, but "Grey's Anatomy" is also the main textbook of all medical students.) who is someone's favorite, it's a bit difficult to see how anyone else can be faulted for dissing Meredith. Effectively, viewers are fickle. If they give Meredith redeeming qualities it's likely she'll regain our approval. Likewise, we could (and all of you could) fall out of love with other characters. when the writers blog they are very open about wanting to hear the positive and the negative. It seems unlikely that the website would be any different. The show gets major feedback from these sites. A pure Meredith lovefest would not be all that educational for them. =)


First of all, if I were Derek or Finn, I would be so annoyed with Merideth that I would just leave her. First she is with Finn, then she sleeps with Derek. Then she can't make up her mind on who she wants to be with. So she makes them both go through this dating two people thing. And as if that's not enough, she's demanding better dates. Who does that? She already has the most beautiful men chasing after her and she is being an annoying brat about it. Don't get me wrong, Merideth is one of my favorite characters, I just can't take her stupid demands anymore. And I think her being pregnant would throw an interesting curve into the show. But it's incredibly obvious who's child it would be IF she actually is pregnant. She, as far as we've seen, has never slept with Finn. And her sleeping with George was too long ago, she would have known she was pregnant if it was his way before now. It's got to be Derek's. But I just can't see the show giving her away to one of the guys yet. They are going to try and drag on which guy she chooses as long as possible. I think the pregnant thing is just a scare. While I am a believer of MerDer, and believe that Merideth has never been in love with Finn and still is with Derek, I have a feeling she is going to go for Finn. He has plans. He isn't hiding some huge secret like a WIFE from her. And being with Finn wouldn't be destroying a family. She has been in a family that was destroyed by another man. She wouldn't let herself do that to a family. That's just what I think is going to happen. But I'm crossing my fingers for Merideth and Derek.


okay so. i agree with whoever said that meredith will not be pregnant. its always obvious: if they give something big away in a preview then its obviously not true. if she really was pregnant they wouldnt tell us at all. they would let us find out when the episode actually airs. they are just trying to get us excited for the episode. so i agree: it will turn out she is not pregnant but something else is 'happening' to her. also...this isnt really that big of a deal to me.... but do any of you live in seattle? because it doesnt actually rain alll that much. i live an hour away from seattle. we have pretty beautiful hot sunny summers that are almost 100% of the time void of rain. the only time we get a lot of rain and i mean alot is when it is winter... fall and spring we get rain off and on. sometimes we get 5 days in a row rain in the fall then sometimes we go 2 weeks without any moisture. once again im not trying to make such a simple and stupid subject a big deal but its just funny to hear people say 'it rains so fequently in seattle' and stuff like that when its not actually that true... we especially dont get huge thunderstorms like the one in season 2 episode 5... the open heart surgery in the elevator episode.. they showed clips of lightning that looked like it was from a storm in texas or something. washington has very mild weather... very mild to the point where our rain is usually a soft drizzle. i guess the show probably misrepresents that and so everyone ends up thinking were constantly getting battered by rain. then again i bet most of you dont care about what im saying because its not that big of a deal. so im going to stop now haha. my third thing is: i agree with beth. to call yourself a grey's anatomy lover and then constantly being down on certain aspects of the show. im not saying that you cant like a character but it is quite spectacularly annoying to see you guys calling meredith whiny. you guys arent real critics and no one asked you to be. so stop. you run a fansite. the point of a fansite is to give information and to have a place for fans to celebrate a show. no one cares whether you do or do not like certain characters. everyone is obviously here because they want reliable information about the show and they want a good analysis of the episode. they are not here to listen to you guys act like your important enough to start putting down characters of the show. anyway thats all!


Hi everyone, I don't mean to take up so much space with posts, but after writing my comments, above, I read everyone else's comments and felt kind of bad. I agree, in a way, with both Beth and Jeanie. I don't know who the people are who begin the round tables. I enjoy them very much because I like the questions and actually think that the people who begin them are just fans like us who write things to grab our attention and get us to respond. I don't think you can possibly be a GA fan and not see Meredith as a sympathetic character. It is Grey's Anatomy after all, so she is a "main" characters. Most of the others revolve around her in some way. She doesn't always make good choices, but she is very human and relatable. People who dislike her for falling in love with a charming handsome man who swept her off of her feet before she knew he still had an unfinished marriage to attend to, can't be seeing the whole picture. I also think Beth's description of why Meredith is even considering Finn is probably the best one I have read. Like Amy, I was struggling with this whole triangle/dating idea, too. It seemed so no brainer to me that she is in love with Derek. Beth makes a good point though. On the other hand, I also agree with Jeannie in that this is an open discussion and everyone's opinions have been welcomed. I enjoy reading the comments of the Addision fans. It is amazing that no matter how much I wanted to dispise Addison, there are wonderful qualities in her that you just had to admire, just as Meredith had trouble disliking her. She, too, is flawed. We don't really know much about their marriage and yet so many viewers are willing to blame Derek for being "absent" in the marriage as he described himself back a few episodes. But, it takes two doesn't it? They were both busy building their careers and reputations. Who knows why a marriage fails, but no matter what problems you have adultery may not be the way to fix them. Addison may have fooled herself into thinking it was Derek's fault that she slept with Mark, but really, I'll bet she enjoyed it. I don't agree that Derek was torturing Addison during this past year, at least not on purpose. I think he really was trying to fall in love with her again and trying to save their marriage. The problem was, he fell in love with Meredith before Addison came back and just couldn't get her out of his mind. The fact that any of us are taking the time on a Saturday night to discuss these characters as if they were personal friends just says something about the power of the writing and attests to how much these characters have touched us and made us care about their sorrows and their joys. I am enjoying so much discussing them with others on the forums and round tables. It is fun knowing there are other people out there as crazy about this show as I am.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

FINN: "I was in the neighborhood. Well, really I wasn't, but you are worth the detour."
MEREDITH: "I had a dream about you last night."
FINN: "Was it a good dream?
MEREDITH: "It was."
FINN: "What was I doing?"
CRISTINA: "Yeah, Mer, what was he doing?"

DEREK: "Hey."
MEREDITH: "Hi. I had a dream about you last night."
DEREK: "You did? What was I doing, bringing you coffee?"
MEREDITH: "You were definitely not bringing any coffee. But coffee is good."